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Wake Up America: Time to Up the Ante!

Jun 11, 2008
Think. What would it happen if Friday record breaking $138.54 jump of oil barrel price tag increases to $200.00 per barrel? If you think you do not need to hear this, think again, an intelligent prediction could mean 2012 for economic change. Do you have to be a rocket scientist and the economic maven of the world to know what will happen to America and other countries?

If you read the economic numbers of the 90s, the pattern expenses of the latest years since 911 and the way our ruling has kept inflating the economy to try keep us the consumers confident about spending, you might feel either betrayed or scared. The truth is surely hard to swallow. Since you are reading, educating yourself of perhaps reminding yourself of a given truth, you might like many of us have already said that is either time to up the ante or to wake up.

If consumer spending makes about 70% of all economic activity in Puerto Rico, USA among other countries, do not think it would be wise for the ruling to keep you confident about spending - let alone not keep you worry that you can lose your secure income source at any given time. If you have acquired a loan you probably know that it has been easier than ever to get yourself in debt with 5% interest rates. It is a genuine way to maintain the economy afloat to combat the inflation caused by energy prices.

Do you have a job right now? Think of brands, automobile industry to change previous particulars. To demonstrate the particulars even more clearly, not only many airline industries - but example brands like GM, Delphi, Lucent about many others that anyone can hit a little diligence and note that few of this brands are already in the hole with $2,200 for every automobiles leave their production plant do to pension expenses.

Now knowing a little about the law, by law, when a pension plan remains under funded for a certain timeframe, companies are required to use their earnings to fill the gap. What happens if there are not more earnings? Insurance covers everyone? If anyone by this stage thinks the economy is starting to improve, the only think few of us can personally say to friendly America is - wake up!

Most people are spending based on borrowed money, home equity loans being one personally enjoyed with earned luxury in the past year to mention with relief, how about you? Job creation are not the one to thank for this behavior, it is the flexibility the majority of people with access to a bank with some given credit that is still producing spending sprees.

To a look at a successful company, you do not need to see their finances - how about recognized maritime Crowley. Now if you are deep into these kind of studies you know that it is not about corporate growth, it is corporate re-structuring with new employed outsourcing operations in overseas countries to save company expenses - capitalistic moves.

Without much time, these are also classic reminding of our Internet bubble a few years back. Power, being unaware of the disasters ahead and Wall Street still having you at hello! Most importantly to know, I am not a fan of social studies, I am not a lawyer nor am I a maven scientist - many of us including myself just know how to read numbers and protect what is ours and what could be ours for the next days.

One thing is for sure, most of us have been suckered already plenty of times in the past, that is the good news for us living a realistic present and the future. There is no need to take a word of what I am saying, however, I would encourage you to take a look back when many of us were babies in the 80s, have a small study with Mr. Paul Volcker and start differentiating the likes of our latest contenders, my favorite fact numbered facts being countered with our latest Alan Greenspan.

There is no need to talk about record breaking federal deficits, record breaking bankruptcies, record consumer debt, oil diminishing, Iraq post-war issues, health care, weak dollar, pension crisis, global tensions, deficits in trade and many others that few of us do not have the time to form a 10 pound content gorilla. It is time for a change and upping up your anti, if you do it successfully and change what there is still time - your financial growth could be staggering!
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