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How You Can Really Profit From Article Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Article Writing can benefit you in many ways. It can drive traffic to your site, it can establish you as an expert and it can pre-qualify your visitors. In fact, it's one of the most productive and beneficial things you can do.

Writing and submitting articles is a technique used by many people to build huge quantities of back links to their websites boosting their link popularity and search engine rankings. It will, if done consistently, provide a continuous flow of qualified visitors for you.

If content is King then what value is quality content?

You don't even have to write the article yourself but once you start writing articles it is enjoyable and informative.

Remember there are only 3 steps to successful Article Marketing.

1. Decide what to write about and research your subject. It helps if you have a passion or at least knowledge of the article topic. Bear in mind that it is not always possible to write for niches unless you are clued up on their special language. For example, surfers have their own lingo. If you are not clued into this don't try to appear as an expert.

2. Write, out source, or find an article on your subject.

3. Promote the Article, ensuring you have an anchor text link back to your site.

This may appear simplistic but essentially this is all there is to article marketing. The theory is easy but why most people can't make a success of article marketing is because they are not consistent in producing and submitting their articles.

Consider these encouraging facts:

Fact 1. Articles drive traffic to your site. Articles, once submitted correctly, drive traffic in a number of ways.

Firstly, people who read your article and find it informative will click through directly to your site to read more of your articles.

Secondly, the Article often ends up online, at multiple locations, and will get picked up by the various search engines. This is not just the big 3 but loads of the smaller ones will index your article as well. If you have researched your keywords effectively you will definitely receive click throughs from these other SE's.

Your Article also has a good chance of being used by eZine editors and list owners. Remember the smaller the niche the more chance you have of being published as people will be hungry for information.

Fact 2. Articles can establish you as an Expert if carefully researched so the content is relevant.

If you have a string of Articles detailing, for example, Dog Training, people will automatically begin to see you as an authority on this subject.

You're not limited to writing articles just on Dog Training though. You could have Articles on weather forecasting, beach casting, cats or whatever.

Fact 3. You don't need to be an expert writer to succeed.

You can get ready written articles which have Private Label Rights. This means you can call the article your own, edit it and generally do whatever you like with it. This may sound easy and the guys selling the PLR articles make it look too good to be true but it is definitely worth reading more on this subject as it is possible to do yourself more harm than good.

You can also out source the article writing to ghost writers. It can be as cheap as $5 per article but you still need to know exactly what to ask for. It's no good saying "giving me an article on, whatever". You must be very specific on subject, title, keywords, keyword density and you generally have to supply resources for the ghost writer to refer to.

Sometimes by the time you have collected the resources and other article information you may as well have written the article yourself however most ghost writers are definitely gifted and if time is short on your part then this is the way to go.


The Bottom Line Is That Article Marketing Is Very Effective.

This is just a short introduction to article marketing giving you some basic background knowledge. Research it further and come up with a game plan that works for you.
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