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How to Find the Right Employer

Jun 11, 2008
The average worker in the United States changes Careers seven times in their lifetime. However, this figure is changing. Many individuals in their twenties and thirties will tell you that they have had ten or more jobs since they graduated high school. This is usually because these individuals enter into a job thinking that it is going to be the one thing they do until they retire. But they soon find out that it is the one job that they do not want to be in for the rest of their life, let alone for the rest of the day.

Why is this happening? There are a number of reasons as to why individuals are changing jobs so rapidly. The first has to deal with working conditions. It is true that working conditions are not what they used to be in some respects. However, it is fair to say that working conditions have never been perfect. It is due to poor working conditions of the past that has led to many of the laws that are in place today to protect workers from being treated badly.

However, one of the main reasons why employees leave is because the job is not what they thought it would be. It is easy for the prospective employer to talk about everything that is great about their company. They are not going to tell an individual about the negativities behind the walls. They want to project a positive image, whether you get the job or not. At least you'll still think well of them because of the great things you were told, even if you're not hired. Sure, there may be great things happening within the company, which might explain why they do so well. However, there may be things happening that you want no part of and you won't know about until you are an employee. Yes, there are always things occurring within companies that shouldn't, but some things are worse than others.

The best way to avoid working for a company that is known to not treat its employees well or find yourself in a job that you hate is to see what others have to say. This can be done by checking out ratings that other employees have given the companies that they work for. By seeing what other employees have to say, you can get a great idea about the company before you ever put in the application. If employees have positive things to say, then you know that it just might be the job for you.

By simply visiting a website that offers employees the option to rate employers and potential employees to review those ratings, individuals can find jobs they enjoy. In the meantime, employers experience lower turnover rates, but such a system, if brought to the attention of these employers, just might be the tool that they need to make sure their working environment is what it needs to be to keep employees happy. If employees are happy and the company receives good ratings, that says a lot about the company.
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http://www.workvent.com is a tool for potential applicants to review prospective employers through the experiences and ratings provided by current and former employees of these companies. This aids individuals in making an informed decision about which companies to seek employment with.
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