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What Type Of Digital Media Product Should You Sell?

Jun 12, 2008
The most common types Digital Media file are eBooks, software, graphics files, audio files and video files. They are also the easiest for the beginner to create. Today you have enough power on your PC to write your own eBook, and create your personal audio and video files. With a little bit of learning, or if you already have some knowledge in that particular field, it is not too difficult to create your own high quality graphics. All of these items can be made unique to you, so effectively you have no directly comparable competition.

For the total novice, certainly the easiest thing to start with is to create your own eBook. This is much simpler than it sounds. Make a list of your interests, hobbies, your area of expertise, problems you have solved, list your achievements. Then you can go onto listing some of your life experiences, maybe you had a great holiday backpacking in the Andes, maybe you overcame a serious illness. That ought to give you plenty of material. It is always easier to research a topic in which you have a personal interest.

Use the Search Engines such as Google to get more information on your topic, broaden your search terms. If you can solve a problem people have, then you can earn money from this. One very good tip is to type the word problem into the search engine after your keywords. Browse forums on your niche, what questions do people have about it and make a note of the queries that come up several times.

If writing a whole book from scratch (and do not forget you do not need to rewrite War and Peace, 70-80 pages are usually sufficient) seems daunting to you, there are other alternatives. The internet is full of PLR (Private Label Rights) products. Although these can also be graphics or software, PLR products are generally eBooks. With this kind of a product you have the right to change them as much as you want and claim authorship yourself.

So rather than staring at a blank screen wondering what on earth you are going to write, why not take someone elses material and legally rewrite it. Where do you find PLR products? Again Google is your friend, eBay is also a very good source of low cost material that you can claim copyright to. There are even sources of free PLR material, just search them out and you will be surprised at what you will find!
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