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Shipping Boxes: Reaching Destinations Reliably

Jun 12, 2008
When you ship items from one place to another, you don't just send them as they are, right? You make sure they're placed inside containers that'll protect them and ensure they reach their destination safely. That's why shipping boxes have been created. For more than fifty years, these simple, but useful objects have been very helpful for the shipping industry. Shipping boxes make goods transportation a lot easier and more convenient.

The first shipping box came into existence back in April 26, 1956. On this faithful day, the first successful shipment was made, from New Jersey to Houston. It took five days for the shipment to reach its destination, and the delivery consisted of 58 truck bodies. Ever since this day, shipping flourished and was considered a leading enterprise. Shipping boxes in different sizes and shapes also appeared and were sent to different parts of the world.

There are many kinds of shipping boxes. This is because people transport just about anything. Now, we will discuss some of the most popular types.

One of the most popular kinds of shipping boxes used today is the corrugated shipping box. If you plan on shipping breakable items in bulk, such as vases, plates and glasses, this is the box you'll need. Corrugated shipping boxes are pre-cut, bought as sheets and folded neatly. They are recyclable. Sometimes, corrugated shipping boxes are used when transporting fresh produce, such as fruits. They don't let the food spoil.

When you are shipping bigger packages, you will need to purchase heavy-duty packages that can handle more weight. These types of boxes, that can support up to 275 pounds of weight, are optimal for transporting things like big books and dumbells.

There are also specialty boxes like computer boxes. This box is specifically for electronic devices. These technologies need special protection to remain undamaged upon shipping. These boxes provide this extra protection by having supspension inserts in each box to prevent too much movement inside the box. A suspension insert is a specific box cut-out placed within the computer box slotted perfectly onto the device within.

These are just a few of the boxes avaliable. There are also storage file boxes, moving boxes and many more.
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