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Currency Charts 101: For Your Trading Needs

Jun 12, 2008
Most people don't feel it, some aren't even aware of it but currencies around the world are constantly being exchanged and traded. This oftentimes vicious and continuous cycle is what is know as foreign exchange or forex and trades all the world currencies against each other. The rise and fall of value usually creates investments and opportunities around the world. And to keep track and take advantage of such investments, knowledge of forex charting is indispensable.

Forex occurs between brokers, investors, banks and traders through computers and telephone lines. Forex is a global, 24-hour market with major trading centers in London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. Forex charting comes in when forex data gathering is needed that leads to wise investment strategies.

Forex charts are crucial for providing and analyzing data on world currencies in specific time periods of minutes, months, even years. All this is dependent on what particular chart you're using. Each chart package is unique and has specific functions for certain situations that can help a wide variety of investors.

There are several kinds of forex charts. Some of the most popular charts include:

Line Chart- this is a chart where lines are used to represent the exchange rate of a particular currency over a specified period of time and connect the data points.

Point and Figure Chart- uses Xs and Os to mark the changes in prices of the currencies, where they represent rises and falls in price.

Bar Chart- this particular chart uses bars to represent the performance of a pair of currencies, at set time intervals, such as every 30 days.

Candlestick Chart Candlestick chart - this is has the most visual detail of all the charts and uses "candlesticks" with a wick at each end to forecast the currency market.

A currency chart can track the trends and behavior of a single or several currencies at the same time. The information they provide is crucial to investors in ensuring that they get the proper information with the appropriate presentation. These are they key to guaranteeing success in the uncertain realm of Foreign Exchange.
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