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Achieve Workforce Compatibility with the Top 5 Strategies for Hiring Great Employees

Jun 12, 2008
Does your organization struggle with hiring great employees? Do you suffer from employee conflict or workforce compatibility issues? This article is designed to provide you with some useful tips to consider for your hiring process. Specific requirements may vary from job to job; however, the following information includes helpful and important guidelines from which every organization can benefit.

Managing employee conflict and communication issues is tough. Sometimes it seems that every employee and their working relationships are plagued with difficulties. What if you could help members of your team communicate better and experience higher employee morale and higher productivity? It all starts with an effective hiring process.

Identify Your Organization's Hiring Challenges
The first and most critical step is being able to identify the challenges you are currently facing in your workforce and then find the solutions that will help you solve those challenges. Those challenges can be addressed with a few simple changes in your hiring strategy. Here are some common challenges faced by organizations in the hiring process:

- Need help finding interview questions that will determine if a candidate is going to be a fit for the job and a match for the company culture.

- Want to require background checks in hiring process that provide references and past history on candidates.

- Make hiring decisions without screening job applicants for their personality and abilities.

Review Your Hiring Methods
Renowned business guru, Peter Drucker, estimates that two-thirds of employee hiring decisions may be hiring mistakes. From your experience, you know you have hired some excellent employees yet some of them have failed. Now take a moment and think back. Did you use pre-employment screening methods to assess job candidates? What made you choose a particular applicant to fill the position? We have found that employers use the same hiring methods for any position. This suggests that your existing employee selection process may produce inconsistent hiring results and increased turnover.

Furthermore, your hiring process is one of the most strategic and valuable places you can cut costs and maximize productivity - if your process works correctly the first time. Employing a proven employee screening system is essential to making sure that your hiring process works effectively.

Every hiring decision you make will have some level of subjectivity - it's inevitable. However, you can improve your hiring process by leveraging best practices along with the latest technologies. This will allow you to not only improve hiring practices, but will also to better manage employees, their development and succession.

Hiring best practices start with a more focused approach to how you define job requirements. This practice is often neglected in the hiring process because hiring managers tend to focus on what a candidate will do, rather than the characteristics they must possess to be successful in the position. By clearly defining the skills and traits necessary to be successful on the job, you'll be better suited to evaluate candidates against that criteria to get the best match. Download the rest of this guide on our site listed below.
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Nancy Ness is Vice President of Profiles Incorporated, authorized dealer for Profiles International assessments. Profiles is the world's leader and innovator in designing human resource management tools for selecting and developing high-performance workforces. To view the rest of this article visit us at Profiles Incorporated.
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