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One Year Later - Wealth Building

Jun 12, 2008
The last 12 months has been one of enlightenment! It matters not whether you are a newbie or an online veteran, its a minefield out there. The latest greatest new program is introduced daily. Wealth building online is not for the faint of heart. However, there is good news - it can be fantastic.

Fortunately there are some tremendous opportunities and many excellent teachers. Just remember they are not all out to scam you, stay focused, believe big, work and you will get there.

My personal education has taught 90% of people are looking for information, not necessarily a desire to buy but a desire to learn. People want to convert that knowledge into money and lots of it and usually quickly.

A program for all. Are you motivated or passive, it matters not?

How do you encourage people to get up and move?

How to Insights

People love multiple streams of income, especially if it requires little or no effort! The guns will work their backsides off to move forward but many are very happy to let you (me) and the Company build for them. The right one.

Lets chat about The Berry Tree. They spruce a Triple your Money back Guarantee. Big talk, any action? There appears so. The program was designed to make the hungry ones enormously successful, the passive ones very successful. A choice of health products each month, a company and up line build for them, sounds like easy street? For the passive it is. The motivated up line needs to raise the bar and keep passive, non introducing types active i.e. in the program. Simply improve their business provides a win for everybody. And its not hard, not at all.

Since June 1st 2008 Berry Tree had a complete make over. Whilst backed by an 8 year old debt free company Nutronix, Berry Tree had just passed its initial 12 months in business. Having joined back in June of 2007 I saw plenty of potential but noted some deficiencies, all of which appear to be have been addressed this month. The next 12 months will be interesting.

The following 12 month motivation of member maintenance (MMM) will not be too difficult if one serves others with a joyful heart, offer truths and a way forward but mindful of passive natures. Creating a win for all, begins with you and me. Seriously there is no greater motivation than rejoicing in the success of others. Granted, it may sound noble, but its proven and it works.

Berry Tree offer a tool called a BMC (Berry Member Credits) they build your business each month. Over the last 12 months I have received 6 FREE Credits, build 10 and you reach Bronze, their lowest level. Bronze is currently worth $150 + each month. You can either remain passive, introduce zero people and in time you have accumulated 10. Introduce people, add the Free credits from the company and bingo - your Bronze real quick.

As numbers grow, the bonus pools grow larger. Currently there are 8000 + members in Berry Tree, they have lofty expectations of reaching 200,000 rather quickly. I prefer to be conservative and say 50,000 within the next 12 months. Their Bonus pools are distributed amongst all its members -- once you have achieved Bronze Status. Currently the Bronze is $5.00 per active member shared amongst all. There is another 8 levels after Bronze.

There are many additional streams with Berry Tree, that encourage success, a 2x2 matrix recently introduced encourages all to help each other. As new members join, we assist in placing 2 people under them and 2 more, 2 more to infinity.
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Online Business Consultant and Teacher Peter Edwards flagship opportunity is offering a FREE Trial at Wealth Building from Home, by following his very simple instructions you can make money fast online
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