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What You Must Know To Choose The Right Online Business For You

Jun 12, 2008
It's not easy to evaluate an online business opportunity objectively. I looked at over 100, and developed a checklist of "Things To Know." Since everyone's website is going to show the good and hide the bad, it's a good idea to have a plan for evaluating the opportunity. There are things you need to find out about the company, the products, the pay plan, and the training. This article will cover what you need to find out about the company.

Find these things out about the company

1. First and foremost, find out about the company itself. I have found that one of the quickest ways to do this is to Google "abc company," or "abc scam." Remember, though, that with any company, there will be people who paid their fees and did no actual work, and then who will report that they were ripped off, so take criticism with a grain of salt. However, if the same things come up over and over from different people, take that as a sign that all is not well.

2. Go straight to the company website, if you can, to find out about the owners, principals, and CEO. The time a company has been in business is a consideration, to be sure, but every large company was once a new one, and the people who started when it was tiny generally are hauling in the biggest bucks. The crucial things here are that the website tell you who the big boys are, and that you can find information about them on the web. If there is any suspicion that these principals are not of impeccable character, stay away. Also, be leery of any business that will not offer this information prominently on their website.

3. If you cannot tell the name of the company and their basic business on the first page of their website or marketing page, leave them alone. There is a reason that they don't put out that information up front. It reminds me too much of the old Amway (whom I love) days when you could tell your prospect anything except that it was Amway. I have been through as many as seven pages before I could had any clue what the business is about.

4. If you have to give out your phone number to get further information, watch out. I'm not saying blow them off completely, but do beware. Whether or not to talk on the phone should be your decision, not theirs. If the site won't give you the information you want, you could get caught up in the scripted, flashy sales talk, and could make a decision you later wished you hadn't. Also, eliminate any opportunity that wants you to pay for information. Forty nine dollars to find out what you're doing? I don't think so.

Once you are satisfied with the company, go on to find out about the products, the pay plan, and the training that is available.
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