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How To Manage Your Business Credit Card Debt

Nick Makaryk
Jun 12, 2008
When you are just starting out in business or have decided to expand an existing business, there is usually going to be some debt involved of one kind or another. This is only to be expected and it is covered within your plan. If your business does well then the debt was a small price to pay for the future of your business.

The business credit card is an ideal way to purchase what is necessary to operate a small or new business. It is almost like the line of credit given to larger and more established companies by financial institutions.

The quickest way to get a business credit card is by making your application on line. It works in a similar way to a personal credit card and needs to be used responsibly to avoid leading you straight into a debt trap which you may find very difficult to escape from.

You can probably appreciate exactly how the credit card company feels when you do not meet your payments in a timely manner or maybe even skip a payment altogether because this may happen to you from time to time with your customers. If you find that you face regular problems making your payment on the due date, you could ask the credit card company to alter the date so you do not get hit with so many charges for paying late or for not paying at all.

The business credit card does come with some advance benefits. Consider it a privilege a loan which can be used when needed. However, this option should only be taken when absolutely necessary. If you keep going along to the ATM and getting the odd $100 here and $300 there in place of using a petty cash system it soon adds up and then the high interest comes into play because with some cards the rates charged for advances are considerably higher than those charged on the outstanding balance. It is important that regular basic bills are covered each month and you can do this by setting up a direct payment from your business card on line to the various vendors.

Rather than distribute several checks to make individual payments, you can write just one check to cover them all and this will make things much easier for you. The record of payments made can be viewed on line at any time.

All businesses encounter fluctuations, some by the season which are predictable and others which are sudden and totally unexpected. This is the reason why you need to keep payments for debt up to date so you have something to fall back on if necessary.

A good credit rating also comes in useful at such times as it will allow the cash advances to continue so if you have met your payments on time and used your card sensibly, then this will help you get through your leaner spells.
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