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The Search For Quality: Recruitment Agencies

Jun 12, 2008
While job hunting, it's best to keep all opportunities open. And employment agencies help you to get just the right ones. They match a certain individual to a certain position in a company. This is done with the help of recruiters, of which there are two kind: the in-house recruiter and the headhunter.

An in-house or internal recruiter is tied to a company for a specific period of time. This kind of recruiter works in or hand in hand with the company's human resource department in the hiring of sufficient manpower. some recruiters of this kind work on a contractual basis, moving around in different companies and working in them until the specific amount of employees required has been reached. Internal recruiters are usually found in recruitment and employment agencies.

Third party recruiters, more commonly known as headhunters, are the people companies turn to when their in-house recruiters can't find suitable candidates for the job. Headhunters may work alone or through an agency. They act as the contact between the client and the candidates, and may specialize in either client relationship or looking for candidates, or both.

In the world of headhunting we have what you call Executive Search Agents or Professionals. these individuals are more involved in the hiring process than normal agents and are usually found to be a part of a larger company or agency.They usually also have long distance relationships with their clients. The qualifications of the Executive Search agents are detailed knowledge of the job, a very extensive network of contacts and seniority.

The professionalism of the Executive Search Agents assures that people hired from are usually of the best quality. They really go through the long and methodical process of conducting interviews, reports and making precise assessments of a candidate's nature in relation to the client company's culture. They make it a point not to resort to the usual poaching methods some other agents may use. This high level of professionalism and dedication make them one of the best people to turn to when in need of quality manpower.

What's best about Executive Search Agencies are the compensations and benefits that you can get for free when asking for their assistance. One usual example is when the Agency promises to make searches free of charge if the candidate resigns or is fired a year after employment.
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Finding good recruitment agencies can be the key to your company's growth. Quality recruitment agencies helped me to find the right people.
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