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Spamkiller: An In-Depth Review

Jun 12, 2008
Spamkiller is one of the popular brands of spam filter, which can help to avoid the spams. Spams are considered as a necessary evil in the email communication. Spams are the unsolicited emails to your email id. In the beginning phases, spam emails were considered as just annoyance, but, while the evolution of the technology the bad tendencies also increased. In the era of security threat, spam cannot be entertained, as techno-fraudulent use spam as a means to destroy your whole information. Now people solely depend on email for communication, and any threat to your inbox, may totally isolate you from the rest of the world. Spam filters thus become a necessity to overcome the risk of spam. Spam filters are the tools used to screen the incoming emails to avoid spams. Spamkiller is one such tool.

Spam killer, produced by McAfee specifically has certain exceptional characteristics that distinguish it from other spam filters. Spamkiller alleviates the process of access at spam filtering. The normal filters are designed against the well-known Spammers. However, Spamkiller is in advance in detecting the spams by having a mechanism of scanning the emails in multiple parameters as Message header, the message text and sender's address. Country filter is the unique feature featured by spam killer, which facilitates the possibility of filtering emails in accordance with the country name where it is expelled from.

In Spamkiller, the filters are included in the program. As soon as you download the program, you can install the Spamkiller. After installing, Spamkiller will run in your system, with an envelope icon in the task bar. As an email comes to your inbox, it will automatically monitor the mails and if encounters emails, other than preferred by you, it will flash a red arrow and directs it to the spam folder. In addition, notification window pop up is also provided, using which you can easily used to view the status of your new message.

If you are sure that the email you've got is not spam, then you can move it out from the spam folder.

Spamkiller provides an assurance of security by checking the McAfee servers to get the updates and patches and recent spam traps daily. Importing the address book to the contact list is a special feature of Spamkiller where it can avoid the threats of considering the needed mails as spams. Spamkiller will keep the mails retained in the quarantined folder for a month period to make sure any important email is not smashed. The suspicious emails are retained in quarantine there by enabling the provision of retrieving them at any point in the lapse of 30 and will be deleted upon the lapse of the period

Spam killer provides numerous platform applications like client based and web based, MAPI/IMAP and POP3, hotmail and MSN are supported by Spamkiller. Customized Creation of filters is the exclusive feature of Spamkiller that fight against based on the preferences selected. As the spams have multiple patterns, the customization can be done in line with that. The McAfee has online community which provides the discussions and forums to know more about from experts.

In comprehensive, Spamkiller seems to be an ideal spam filter, which can relieve your inbox from the spam mails, and its unique features enhance the utility of the spam filter. However, it has a drawback that it can monitor only a limited number of web based emails and cannot filter the AOL, Yahoo and many other web-based emails.
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