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Seven Day Millionaire Review

Jun 12, 2008
The Seven Day Millionaire is a new product aimed at aspiring internet marketers and internet entrepreneurs. It is designed to help those that wish to learn how they can become successful businessmen or business women. The real question is, can it actually accomplish these goals and teach people rather than simply talk at them?

The answer to this is a definite yes. James Spinosa has created a product that is both easy to understand yet packed with useful tips and tricks. One of the prevailing messages is that experience is critical to success, but gaining this experience is simply a matter of time. The more time that you invest in internet marketing the better your results will be. The effort and passion you put into creating websites, using various marketing techniques, etc. will be a direct reflection of your ability to produce a sustainable passive income.

The slogan "Grow Your Money Tree" is fitting as the methods taught are all about long term planning and building up a network of backlinks and resources to foster traffic growth. Many marketing guides out there are seen as "get rich quick schemes", which is a title well fitting many due to the exploitative nature of the internet. This is where the Seven Day Millionaire differentiates itself from the rest of the pack, by promoting "white hat" marketing tactics that produce long term results rather short term gain tactics that will eventually be closed up or lead to lawsuits the Seven Day Millionaire is taking the moral high ground. This is an essential part of this book is that there is an emphasis on the passive long term income, because with these methods the results will not be clear instantly but over time it will prove to be far more profitable than any short term methods could ever be. By showing that there is more to marketing than spamming and scamming, this book is taking a responsible approach to teaching the next generation of internet marketers.

The problem that most internet marketing guides face is that they do not accurately judge the skill level of their customers. By covering enough of the basics that a complete novice with no marketing experience could pick this book up, as well as providing details of his marketing methods any level marketer from novice to expert could learn a trick or two from this book. There is no reason why you wouldn't be able to learn how to start making a legitimate online income from this book other than being illiterate, the methods are plainly laid out for anybody to understand.

The slogan is also fitting, as the author is also donating a portion of his proceeds to Global ReLeaf, an effort by the not-for-profit organization American Forests to restore the forests in the most vital areas of the world. An affiliate marketing guide that teaches social responsibility to protect the industry while using proceeds to protect the environment. This is why I would recommend The Seven Day Millionaire to any of my friends and family.
About the Author
The official website for this guide can be found here: Seven Day Millionaire. James Clipp is an internet marketer and entrepreneur, to learn more about internet marketing from this author you can check out his free ebook here: Back to Basics: Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing" .
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