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Jun 12, 2008
NeverBlue Ads is an affiliate network that is quickly setting itself apart from the rest of the affiliate marketing world with it's motto "better affiliate marketing". Instead of falling into the standard traps of affiliate networks such as accepting anyone that applies or passing on the smallest percentage of their commission that they can while retaining affiliates, NeverBlue from start to finish is all about the affiliates and providing top notch service.

One thing that is striking about Never Blue is their selectivity. The affiliate network is a closely held part of the company, and as a result only the best websites and webmasters will be allowed to join their ranks. The company is unique in the way that you have to apply and be selected in order to join, rather than the simple name collection and location to send the check, instead you need to have a shor phone interview with a representative once your online application is approved, without this personal contact you will be automatically rejected.

I'll assume you are a great marketer with some nice websites up your sleeve, so now you have been accepted by NeverBlue, the first thing that you will see is customer support. From the initial phone call you will be given your own affiliate manager, and these managers are very useful contacts to have. You get their email addresses, work/cell phone numbers, AIM addresses, and any other method of contact you could ever want. This allows you to ask them questions whenever they come up and you can expect an answer very quickly. The customer service is truly what makes Never Blue Ads unique, and to go along with this you can be sure that they will pay you on time every single month.

In all honesty, the highest paying affiliate network I have ever joined is NeverBlue Ads, I have been in this industry for a while and I am finding commissions that have absolutely astonished me. There was one company that I had already been promoting on my own directly through the company's in house affiliate program, then I found the same program on NeverBlue paying a full 20 times more for the exact same action. Advertisers know that they will get quality, so they are willing to pay insane commisisons to get NeverBlue affiliates. I have seen some offers that are giving $5+ for simple free sign-ups and other lead based programs. This allows great flexibility in the way that they are marketed, instead of pressuring individuals into making sales you will get paid each time you get somebody to do a certain action such as signing up for an account or trying out a product. This ensures that you will get paid the amount you are due for your efforts, and the rest of the marketing process lies on the shoulders of the advertisers.

Many people are currently using Google's AdSense as their main source of revenue for their websites, as was I at one point, but NeverBlue makes a great alternative. I am making far more per visitor than I was just using AdSense, and they can also be used on the same page anyway so that you can double-dip from each method to optimize your earnings. Overall I have had nothing but good experiences with NeverBlue and despite their relatively new company I feel that they will be making big waves in the internet marketing world in a short period of time.
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James Clipp, author of http://www.sevendaymillionaire.com, is an internet marketer specializing in a unique brand of "bum marketing" techniques to promote products from NeverBlue Ads. To sign up for his newsletter and get his new free ebook sign up here: Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing .
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