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Wholesale Video Games Guru Attacked by Police: News!

Jun 12, 2008
When was the last time you as an entrepreneur got attacked? Possibility being, you get attacked daily! Daily problems that you either need to delegate them yourself or provide the authority to others so they can efficiently resolve them for you. Now, do excuse the style of expression, but a bad day could serves as a great lesson. Although not the best one, but it provides a learning experience!

Your situation may go similar to a degree as no matter how careful or diligent you might be on the road, something unexplainable may happen. Entrepreneur goes to the nearest Office Max store after seeing some irresistible prices for yet another quality, prestige, beautiful office seat.

He enters the store and the good guy buys what he needs and does not run away to steal it like one of the employees probably did a few hours back. Just 10 feet from the cashier an employee apparently gets arrested for what it rumors to be stealing. The one paying taxes, goes to the registry - usual.

Hating low-profile gossips, entrepreneur hits the gas pedal eager to arrive to his home in order to add some needed materials for his office. Printer materials, needed manager style seat and to gather a few other miscellaneous. As long as you need what you intend to purchase and there is a special price tag on the given unit, it is an irresistible price for most of us, so we just buy - understandable.

You start enjoying your car stereo, just like anyone would do in our wildly popular Grand Theft Auto wholesale PS3 video game while cruising through the city. Entrepreneurs then got his eyes on a police bike around 60 feet from him. Police bike stops for some reason and accelerates as he probably thought to himself his on duty and there's no chance his going to hit the bar to grab a cold one to hydrate himself.

The guy just looked exhausted while I just passed him. Entrepreneur passed close to him while still staying in the right street lane. Respectful perceived cop breaks his bike as the business man passes and another car also passes racing to god knows where while the entrepreneur keeps his cool hearing FM music. Just another chilling day, right!

Police stops business man, entrepreneur has no other choice than to laugh without the cop seeing him and ask himself silently why, while law enforcement wasted car owners time and patience by making him stop in yet another great day (he says to himself.) Authority asks, do you know why I stop you sir? Entrepreneur calmly, patiently and confidently says to himself - just another minor challenge, should be in home without a ticket in no time!

Officer listened with interest and business man responds. Honestly officer, I really do not know a legal reason for having you take the time to stop me. I was hoping you could let me know since to my clear understanding of this specific law, my car should not allow anyone pass in this situation. I mean, if my job is to serve and protect my vehicle, should we follow the law? Respectfully officer, I would like to confirm if the law has not change, has it now?

He smile and looks at me with a surprising bad temper, technically you are correct son but for me you are wrong! He shouted directly to my car like a mad man and with an unacceptable perceived panicking attitude to then say: You guys need to respect the law more often, you should always let an officer pass when his on his way to work! Do you understand mister, he exclaims to the business man.

Tempers and emotions are now incredibly controlled; it is a needed habit for many of us as successful small business talents. I said, no problem officer - I would be sure to remind myself for the next time. Tried to sweet talk him by asking him, are you really going to provide me the $15 ticket officer, is it an amicable warning? He went to ramble again with incredible gibberish! Wishing to give him an alcohol test myself, I could not - I was not the authority.

In a nutshell, case was closed and I said to myself while closing the window in his face, business guy is going to get a $15 ticket. Unlucky for me, a lunatic stopped me! Paying $15 without the government giving the option to pay online is a downside.

Knowing where it was going to end, asking a question was important. Sure, I am writing you the ticket either way, but go ahead. A wild smile sparks the car owner. My edifying point officer, does your contribution to the Puerto Rican government and in your way to give many of us $15 tickets make you feel as fulfilled and happy like you imagine?

Two of my past colleagues love the adrenaline of being a police. Others deserve a medal of bravery for being a police and protecting hard working citizens I said to the officer. But you officer and please correct me if I am wrong, I have the gut feeling that you feel particularly as a waste. Is it true officer?

Now thank you officer for listening to my skepticism, I would now see you at court and give a call to your supervisor who happens to be a friend of a very friendly of mine. Car owner drove off and respectfully gives the good afternoon to the officer. He never answered, but he was looking at me trying to figure out what to say or do next.

The risk, confrontation! The realistic outcome, nobody is perfect - everyone does mistakes. Even the authority! It is logic to do so in many situations, emotions most of the time controls our behavior. But should you get bullied, threatened by those who cannot control themselves?

My advice, know enough about the law and know your rights. While on my way home I was brainstorming and asking myself if it was the car that bothered him, influenced him to give me the ticket or if he was just the odd lunatic?

Defend your company if your car might be in the expense budget of your corporation, be it in the wholesale video games industry or in a different market. If you are right, do not accept a stranger frustration tick you a bit! The more you know, the better you should be in the long run.
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