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Affiliate Marketing Success Tips and Strategies

Jun 12, 2008
Making money with affiliate products can be a very lucrative way to earn income online. However most affiliate marketers make little to no money, which is sad since last year over 6 billion dollars was paid out to affiliates so someone is making a lot of money. The truth is that there is a lot of misleading information on how to sell affiliate products. Here are some tips that can help you join the elite few super affiliates that are making big money online:

Tip 1: Choose your products very carefully

Product selection is one of the key elements in a successful affiliate marketing campaign. This is where most affiliate marketers go wrong especially newbies who just randomly picks the first product they encounter. There are several considerations to take into account when picking affiliate products.

An important point to keep in mind is that not all products sell well on the internet. The money is not in the product but in the niche. You can pick the greatest product ever created however if it is in a niche that does not sell well then your chances of success are slim to none. The good news is that each day more and more people are getting comfortable with buying products online and also each day more people gain access to the internet thus the market for affiliate product sales continues to grow.

When starting out you do not want to promote only products from a single niche but rather go wide and promote multiple niches, this way you will soon realize that certain niches have much better returns on investment than others.

Tip 2: Send targeted traffic to your landing pages

The best way to send targeted traffic to your affiliate landing pages is through pay per click advertising and specifically Google adwords. Yes, you can also use MSN and Yahoo however stick with Google initially until you have several profitable campaigns then go ahead and play around with the others. Google's traffic tends to convert the best as they seem to be the best at determining click fraud which can be a big problem with ppc providers especially through the content network.

There are two strategies you can use with adwords and they are the cheap clicks formula or the more costly clicks. The bottom line is conversion so be sure to use the conversion tracking system so you know exactly which keywords are profitable. If you do bid high then make sure the keywords are super targeted towards buyers and not just information seekers. You can take advantage of the content network to generate cheap clicks that can convert well as long as you still pick relevant keywords. Also try to collect e-mail addresses with content network traffic as it will allow you to follow up and increases conversion rates.

Tip 3: Cloak your affiliate links

Commission theft is a big problem with many affiliate products which is why link cloaking is a good idea. There are many great affiliate link cloakers you can use so just run a search to find some good ones.

Tip 4: Promote CPA products

CPA affiliate products that pay you for leads can be a very profitable way to make money as an affiliate. You can find these kinds of products in major affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Linkshare. Some examples including credit card and mortgage companies. Before you apply to these programs be sure you have a website that is professional otherwise you may get rejected as these merchants are very picky about who their affiliates are. Try some of these affiliate marketing tips to increase your internet business revenues.
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