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Great Headers and their Importance

Jun 12, 2008
First impressions are important - when you first see a city you've never been before, what do you notice? That's right, the skyline. Similarly, the first thing you see in the newspaper is the headline and whenever you think of a TV show, you most likely think of the opening credits.

We all make judgements about items based on what we first saw or noticed about them. The same is true for websites. The first thing you see when you go to a website is the header of the page.

While this part of a web page doesn't have any functionality per se, it is one of the most vital parts of any website. A header which has a professional appearance can help to capture the interest of readers - and the assumption is made that if the header is good, so is the content.

While this may or may not be true, it is what the reader will assume from seeing a well designed header. This reassurance will benefit you in that the visitors to your site will not only stay to read your content during that initial visit, but will also return for future visits and hopefully recommend you to others and possibly link to you as well.

While both of these elements are important, the second is critical. A good header can help your site stand apart form the hundreds, even thousands of other websites which are similar to yours, all in competition for a slice of web traffic.

Each of these functions are greatly important, but the second may be even more important than the first. There are millions of websites out there and possibly hundreds or thousands compete with yours. If the style or make-up of your header gives your website the look that it lacks quality or professionalism, your traffic will go to your competitors instead.

You may not realize exactly what is getting more traffic to your site and increasing the length of the stays of visitors to your site.

The fact that visitors stick around longer and come back more often will probably be chalked up to your content or another feature you've implemented on your site.
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