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Attract Hits to Your Web Page With GOOGLE ADWORDS.

Jun 12, 2008
To be successful in internet marketing you need to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. This is one of the most important facets of internet marketing. Anyone who owns or manages a website knows how vital attracting traffic is. The success of any website is not totally dependent on the site itself. You want to get your content in front of the eyes of eager consumers; even if you have the best product or service or have the most amazing website anyone has ever created, if you don't use the right advertising strategies, you might as well not even bother creating a site. If you want success and profits from your website, you have to get targeted traffic to visit it. To help the website marketer increase the flow of traffic to their website, there are many internet-marketing tools available. One extremely well-developed tool for this purpose is GOOGLE ADWORDS.

How does the GOOGLE ADWORDS service work? GOOGLE receives over 200 million queries every day, simply because it is the largest search engine on the internet. As the most recognized search engine, webmasters strive for the highest possible rankings on the GOOGLE search engine. You know what they say, location, location, location, and what that means in the Internet world is that high search rankings lead to high traffic for your website. Advertisers and consumers alike, use the search engine results page to promote and to find services through ads and links. As a result, GOOGLE developed its Adwords service as a means for companies to target market goods and services. Use of Adwords in GOOGLE can assuredly result in instant increase in traffic. GOOGLE uses "Sponsored Links" to show searchers relevant text based ads within its search engine results page. Whenever a specific keyword is searched for, these appropriate links appear in a separate section giving exceptional exposure to the sites listed.

How does GOOGLE ADWORDS work? Before you begin, it is necessary to open an account with GOOGLE ADWORDS. The second step is to give an indication of your target language and the country. Skipping this step could cost you a lot of money since you don't want or need your services advertised in countries where your product or service cannot be sold. The next thing to do is create an ad group. This will involve not only designing the ad, but selecting keywords and determining the maximum cost per click that you will spend, and defining the amounts of bids. Take the time to select a smart 'title tag' for your Adwords campaign since that is what will catch the attention of your potential customers. The most vital element of your Adwords effort is the title tag, which is commonly a brief phrase. Take the time to be certain that it is appealing and memorable. Your website description needs to clear, concise and give an accurate representation of what you do. Effective advertising will convey a clear message to its target audience. If your message is clear, you can gain access to legitimate leads that might turn into sale dollars later. Picking the right keywords is of the utmost importance, and directly affect the success of your business.

You can vary keywords to reach more prospective audiences. You can boost the prospects of your ads being served by using these varieties, misspellings and derivatives. Broad match is directed at specifying keywords in a less stricter way. This sort of fuzzy logic search technology allows ads to appear based on keywords that have been queried by other users as opposed to exact match, which can be beneficial to your efforts. On the other hand, a keyword phrase set to "phrase match" will only appear when the exact phrase is searched on, which helps to narrow your results. A negative keyword is useful in filtering unrelated pages.

After choosing the title tag for your ad you must decide on a budget that will allow you to maximize your exposure. GOOGLE ADWORDS recommends that you set a daily budget for each promotion. You need to decide on a budget that is right for you, and it needs to be one that you can afford. It is also necessary for you to determine the maximum it would cost per click. GOOGLE will suggest a recommended cost per click, but you are not required to stay with their suggestion. A number one position can attract useless clicks and unwanted traffic and so is really not ideal. A position in the number two slot, with its ability to filter useless clicks and supply traffic which will have a higher conversion rate, is more preferred.

To tie it all up, GOOGLE ADWORDS is an excellent tool, and if used strategically can give your website the maximum exposure you need to succeed. That being said, you should be using other advertising tools in addition to GOOGLE ADWORDS. By using this advertising campaign you will see more highly targeted traffic visiting your website.
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