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Google AdSense: So Can You Really Make Money While You Sleep With AdSense?

Jun 12, 2008
Google's AdSense program has been one that has drawn so many different opinions over the year that it is a wonder that everyone seems to know the basic truths about it. The answer as to whether or not you can really make money while you sleep with Google AdSense is a yes in no uncertain terms, but it is usually not in the way that you may think.

People have been conditioned to think that creating a number of low quality websites is the way to go with AdSense. Create 1000 different websites that make you $1 a day with AdSense and you will ultimately be good to go. This is not really true anymore, however the good news is that you can still have fun with what you do and then make AdSense cash when you are asleep.

The way to make cash with AdSense in the modern world is through the use of high quality content. You need to create a website that people will want to visit on a regular basis. Whether that website happens to be a content website on a particular field that you consider yourself an expert on or whether it happens to be a blog that you use to express your opinion to others, as long as you create high quality content on that website on a daily basis, then you are going to have a website with the potential to make money.

You need to promote the website as well and that once again involves a lot of work on your part. If you promote your website through posting on blogs, forums and social networking websites while at the same time writing articles and submitting them with your link to directories, you will find that slowly but surely your website will start to draw on major amounts of traffic. And once your website does that, your AdSense ads will do the rest. You can definitely make money while you sleep with AdSense, but you just need to know how to go about doing it.

The websites that really make money in the modern world however are not websites that rely on one form of advertising. There are text link ads, banner ads, reviews and many other forms of advertising that people can use once they have a successful website; the key is just in getting to that point. Once you have built up a successful website, you can experiment with ads in order to see which ones work for you the best.

Adsense is a nice way of monetizing your website traffic. However in order to make money with adsense you need traffic to your web site. If you are not getting any traffic you won't make a dime with Google Adsense plain and simple. Making money with Adsense is not that simple. Stay away from people trying to sell you information products on how to make millions with Adsense. These are just empty promises. Like I always say: There is no free lunch!

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