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Article Marketing -The Big Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Your Articles

Jun 12, 2008
Article marketing/writing can be a complex business to get into. This is because people do not understand article writing. This is kind of like an art form, and a lot of other rules for writing do not apply to article writing online. This is where we usually lose someone, so let's clear that last statement up. Writing articles for the internet is different than, say, writing a book or newspaper story. Sure you are still writing about something, but when you are writing articles for the internet, you are normally trying to promote something.

Thus, you have to learn to be able to work keywords into your article. At the same time, you cannot just put a huge list of keywords into an article; they have to be worked in. They have to flow naturally as if you where just talking to someone. Also, unlike writing a story or a book, article writings have to be short yet informative about the topic. Majority of the people who visits websites, do not love to read a lot online. Most of them just scans through the article or content and grasp the main points mentioned in the article. So if you have a large article, it is not going to be read.

Big Mistake One: Making Articles too long

When writing your online articles, they need to be short. Not only that, but they need to be broken up a little bit. Try using subheadings to make the articles appear smaller. While writing your articles, try to stay in the 350-450 words range.

Big Mistake Two: Bad Keyword Placement

When writing articles for the internet, keywords have to be put into the articles title and body. Unlike with newspapers and books, your online article will never even be found if you do not place keywords in them. The key is to write keywords rich content that flows naturally. It's a good idea to use a keywords research tool like world tracker to find what people are looking for online. There are so many online articles that not placing keywords in your articles would make finding them a lot more difficult.

Big Mistake Three: To Much Informative

When people read online, they want to learn something without knowing that they are learning something. You cannot just give them the information as a newspaper would. You have to give them the information like it just came up in a conversation you were having with them. Reading things that are too informative sounding gets boring really fast. It's like trying to read a government website, painful!

The next time you are writing an online article try to use some of these tips. Using these tips can increase the amount of people that actually read your online articles. Although keyword placement is not very fun, it's something that has to be done if you want people to read your articles. Keywords are the only way that people find things on the internet.

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