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The Beauty Of The Power Of Leverage

Jun 12, 2008
These days we read about the power of leverage everywhere we go, not only on the internet where people have found great ways to make money, even pundits such as Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Rohn advise that leverage is the way to make money. That being said, internet marketing is dynamic yet why is it so frustrating? The riches are available but people seem to struggle so much, even to make a modest income. The latest e-books, and membership fees are in no way compensated by the kind of income received.

One of the many mistakes that people make is that the internet is not a magic wand that will make you rich quick. Regardless of the service or product! This has happened but is the exception. Aiming at a goal of $100 000 is not unreasonable but reaching this goal in one step is. Fortunately by using the power of leverage means that large incomes may be generated from the utilization of various smaller; more widespread, income resources.

A simple example of this is that there are many ways on the internet that generate $5 a day for you. At fist this seems insignificant, but during the course of a year it generates $1825. And although this does not seem too exciting, with 100 similar sources, you could earn $500 per day; a yearly income of $182 500!

This strategy may also lead to other common mistakes, the lack of focus and consistency that many internet marketers suffer from. The follow internet gurus to their own detriment, and in a continuous search for the Holy Grail; experiment with too many varied techniques. In search of this they might even quit a day job before even being established in one technique. It is unfortunate that holding down 10 jobs at the same time dilutes your efforts and each job only receives 10% of your effort. The sensible alternative is to work one job at a time and give it 100% effort. Giving it some thought, if you work at one $5 a day job every week, by he completion of your first year you would have about 50 income sources, generating income annually of around $91 250.

With careful thought you could generate one really good idea, much like the Rubics Cube, and it will lead to fortune and fame. But regardless of luck, and luck does count! Rather concentrate on small, easily achievable goals and steps that will allow some achievement rewards and eventually lead to a big income.
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