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7 Reasons to Work From Home

Jun 12, 2008
When we hear of people making millions by sitting at home, it sounds bizarre. But actually there is a secret of home business success. Home business does not mean it has to be small. It can be very large and spread out to a much broader global market.

Nowadays with the advent of internet has facilitated people to make millions sitting at home. Why should anyone work from home? The traditional and conventional way of working is to go for a 9-5 job and wait for promotions to succeed at work.

But in todays world, you can go out and get that same level of success on your own. With the internet, a good idea, and a lot of hard-work, you never need to step into an office again.

Today all this is getting redundant. Internet allows people to work from home at their own time and convenience for however long they wish.

The reasons to work from home are many. Some are:

1. Flexible timings. When you work from home you can work at your convenience. You are not bound by time to go home. You have freedom of time. You also have to option to do other things when they need to be done.

2. Stress Free. You are not stressed about your work as you have all the time to complete it. If you feel you have more work you can refuse to take up more. There is no boss to boss over you. Since you will be doing what you enjoy most you have control over the amount of work you wish to undertake.

3. Save on travel. In busy cities like London, New York, Chicago people spend hours commuting to work and back. They are exhausted travelling by subway or driving for an hour or two. By working from home you can actually save time as well as money on travel.

4. Spending more time with family. Since you work from home you can spend quality time with your family. You are there to attend your childrens needs if any and can always prioritize your family requirements over work. A work from home mom or dad is a boon for any child.

5. More paying. When you are your own boss you get to keep all the profits.
When you work from home you can do two-three things at a time. There is no one stopping you from attending to three jobs at a time. With the result you earn more than what a job can pay you.

6. Tax saving. When you work from home as a consultant or running day care facility there is tax saving benefit also. Check it out with your accountant. Each state has different rules and laws.

7. Personal satisfaction. Last but not the least you are personally satisfied that you are your own boss and you are doing what you wish to do at your own pace yet earning well. So what more can you ask?

These are just 7 reasons to work from home.
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