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Call Center Assessment Test ,Step By Step

Jun 12, 2008
An assessment program is an essential tool that would help improve and organization. It is designed to identify the areas that need special attention. An expert or a professional in the field of assessment is employed to do the job. Call Center Assessment providers provide experts who have call center leadership background and understand fully the operation of the industry. He is expected to identify the specific areas that need attention and provide the organization with an expert solution.

Call center assessment could be likened to an executive medical checkup where early detection of any sign of health problem could be addressed and further problem could be prevented. So call centers health is assessed so that early detection of minor inefficiencies could be addressed and corrected. To effectively assess the call centers performance, each area in the operation is specified and reviewed and these are the following:

- Review the call center structure if and whether it supports the vision and mission of the company
- Customer Relations. The customer satisfaction is assessed through survey forms or customer feedbacks.
- Employer and employee relationships. Satisfied customers are result of good service and good service are result of satisfied employee. The satisfaction levels of employees are gauged.
- Quality assurance and performance. Quality assurance forms and reports are analyzed and study how quality data is applied. The analysis is made to improve the performance level.
- Effective coaching and supervision. Observe if coaching sessions are effective.
- Training. Analyze and identify the ways to improve the efficiency of the training program.
- Hiring and Staffing. Analyze how hiring are conducted and identify the areas which needed improvement.
- Staff Utilization. It should answer the question of having the right person on the right position all the time.
- Work Order Management. These would lead to the study of workforce management processes such as:

1. Forecasting methodology
2. Staffing and scheduling
3. Real time management practices
4. Effective workforce management team.

- Process and Information Management. Observe and analyze call handling.
- Service Level Management and KPI's. Key Service Indicators of KPI's shows that the SLM is properly functioning. The weak areas must be improved.
- Call Management. The call routing is observed in the following stages Site by site routing rules Menu choices Prioritization of queue Transfer volumes and protocols Skills based routing rules Technology
- Security Management. Assess the scope of security and disaster recovery (or business continuity) plan and the ability to meet objectives during a crisis. - Interaction Management. Analyze how effective customer interaction is managed
- Web Self Service. Assess how effective this esupport.
- Contact Center Management. It is the central point of contact with customers. Contact center applications are tools that will help improve the critical first impression. Customers should be given access options and alternatives, streamlining customer transactions and creating a system that would facilitate easy follow ups.
- Analysis And Reporting. How effective is the reporting system? Is the system providing the needed data for analysis?
- Technical. Is the system current and up to date? Is the system running smoothly and operating at the peak performance?

The final presentation includes recommendations and risks and input on suggested action plan. All of these is a result of several days of assessment work which is done with in the work area. Assessment identifies and at the same time recommends solution to the problems found.
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