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Autopilot Cash Cycler Scam - Believe it or Not?

Jun 12, 2008
Have you heard about a possible Autopilot Cash Cycler scam? I've been in the home-based business industry for over 19 years now and have experienced it all. Nowadays there are so many business opportunities popping up left and right it's hard to know which ones are legitimate and which are scams.

I have found that most companies are legitimate however at the same time there are very few businesses worth doing and trying. The reason is because when you join, they say "Welcome aboard, now all you have to do to make money is get people to your website." However, when you ask "How do I get people to my website?" Usually you'll get a blank response on the other end. Most people and companies do not know how to create traffic to websites.

If it's a network marketing company they don't know how to market because they're too busy making products and sending out checks. Sometimes a person's sponsor either does not know how to market or they are so busy marketing and sponsoring one person and moving on to the next, they don't have time to train you. So many people waste hundreds and thousands of dollars marketing the wrong way.

Is the Autopilot Cash Cycler Scam really true or not? From experience, it is not a scam. In fact, it is one of the best online marketing courses on the net. It teaches people how to market and how to have a full-time income working only part time. This Cycler is definitely not a scam.

One key thing I've learned from this program is that if you aren't set up properly in your marketing it doesn't matter how hard you try or how much you market you'll end up wasting time and money. For example, most people are targeting the wrong market when they're marketing. Many of them don't even know the term "Target Market" is let alone which market to target.

Another thing I learned that changed my online success from years of failure to incredible success was learning the pattern of marketing. There are a few pieces to the marketing puzzle that have to flow together and match. If they don't, again you'll be wasting time and money.

Using the Autopilot Cash Cycler will help anyone save time, especially learning time. With this program, a person can become successful quickly and easily. It is very important to use this program in order to completely understand marketing.

Also, in order to be successful, everyone needs a mentor, and Autopilot Cash Cycler provides one. With this program the owner is able to be contacted through conference calls every Tuesday. This is a great opportunity to have any questions answered as well as receiving tips and pointers about the program.
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