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Online Businesses -- Things You HAVE to Know About the Products

Jun 12, 2008
Evaluating a home business opportunity objectively is not always an easy task. Everyone's website and marketing materials are designed to highlight the positives and evade the potential negatives. This is neither good nor bad in itself; it's just a fact. After seriously looking at over 100 business opportunities, I developed a checklist of "Things You HAVE to Know." These are broken down under the subheadings of Things To Know About The Company, The Products, The Pay Plan, and The Training. This article will cover the second category, Things to Know About the Products.

What you have to know about the products

1. The most crucial thing to look for as far as products go, is whether or not they would be viable products outside of the opportunity. Mlm products are most often considered to have two qualities-- they are over priced, and they are of high quality. The fact that something is good is not enough to make most people successful in a home business. If you either 1) could buy the same or similar product somewhere else for a fraction of the price, or 2) have no real need for the products, you should probably pass. The top sales people and marketers might be able to build a business and perhaps enroll you, but how well will you do when you know the product is grossly over priced? Will you sell it to your friends? I have been involved in this kind of business, and I never had a good answer when someone mentioned the cost for the value. Using "it costs so much so my uplines can make millions of dollars from me selling it" is not very effective.

2. If you wouldn't use it, or really have no need for it, go to a different business, regardless of the marketing hype. Inevitably, you will be asked how you like it, or if you use it, and if you don't, you are done. If you fib and say that you do use it, and really love it and you don't, you are also done. Prospects can tell that kind of thing.

3. Find out what the market is for the particular product line, and evaluate the competition for that opportunity. For instance, if you search in Google for "weight loss products," it returns 5,250,000 hits. Do you want to compete in that market? I am not saying that would be bad, but you should determine up front whether or not that's where you want to compete.

4. Do a search on the specific company and products you would be promoting, and see how much competition you have there. There are searches you can do for specific opportunities and have every paid link on the first page go to a single replicated website promoting a guy sitting on the beach sipping a pina colada while you work away.

After you have looked at the company and their products, and they both are acceptable to you, continue on to learn about their pay plan and training.
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