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How Can You Create Animated Favicon From Favicon Generator?

Jun 12, 2008
One of the easiest ways to give your web site a unique identity and to stand it out of other sites is using animated favicons. They are small 16x16 pixel logos that appear next to your web listing in the folder of your favorites and keep popping up at other places depending upon your operating system and the browser. Animated favicons or favorite icons have become an extreme favorite with the web designers as Firefox and ultimately Internet explorer have begun to use tab browsing. It is a great way of making your logo or web site visible even if the users are 2-3 tabs away and also acts as visual bookmarks within the list of your favorites.

Favicon replaces the usual web page icons in the address bar of the browser, is placed on the root directory of the web site and is used by the web sites for customizing the experience of the visitors in their web browser. Creating favicons is quite a simple process and may be done by using various software programs and through favicon generator web sites. However you can easily create an animated favicon for your web site by creating an animated 16x16 pixels gif in Photoshop, naming it favicon.gif and uploading it to the root folder of your web site. Those who do not know about creating an animated favicon.gif can make use of an animated favicon generator web site which an automatically generate animated favicons from the images provided by you.

In this process, you can just select the picture, graphic or logo for 'Source image' and then click on 'Generate Favicon.ico'. It is advisable to choose or create an image that is small enough for retaining the quality. It is also better to choose an image in square shape so that it does get skewed when it is reduced to a 16x16 size icon. There are some favicon generator sites that generate favicons containing text rather than images so that the web site can be more descriptive. Colors can also be applied to the favicons to make them more attractive and nice-looking and to match with the overall theme of the web site.

To create such a favicon, you need to type your desired text in the space provided which may contain the initial letter of your company name with different colors and click on the 'save as favicon file' to generate the favicon. You can even draw borders to the favicon in different colors matching with the icon and the web site and can also colors for the background of the favicon and the color used to write the text in the icon. This way, the users will be able to recognize your web site without even looking at the name of your web site, thus you will stand out of the crowd of web sites over the Internet. Creating an exceptional favicon is particularly significant for the web site branding and for personalize branding, therefore, it is a great way to establish brand awareness and recognition in the market. Good favicons should be simple, original and go with the theme and color scheme of the website for which it is being used.
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