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Trump Just Joined Our Company

Jun 12, 2008
Oprah endorsed this product, Donald Trump is in this opportunity, Hanna Montana is using our product. I am sure that you're beginning to get the picture. These are all lines and marketing angles that all have people climbing over each other to join a company, and the science behind each is the same, positioning. Allow me to explain what positioning is...

Positioning is the process by which an individual is associated with certain characteristics, and by association, whatever company they are positioned with will also have those qualities and be able to bestow those qualities on others. This concept of positioning is perhaps the most powerful marketing force there is, and yet many have never heard about it. Why is it that Oprah can whisper an authors name and they are a New York Times Best Seller overnight, or why does a building with Trumps name on it typically command a 20% premium versus the other real estate that is right next door...positioning.

Why is this important in the MLM world? I am thrilled you asked and the answer will shock and amaze you, and it will get even better when I help you understand the magic of positioning in your personal quest to become a mlm millionaire. Let's start by looking at the title of the story, "Oprah Winfrey just joined our company" and imagine that it was the subject line of an email that you just received. You love Oprah, can't get enough of her show, and are thrilled to be able to participate in an opportunity with "The O". You drop everything you're doing, sign up, and tell all of your friends that you are now in business with Oprah. You feel incredibly warm and fuzzy on the inside because you know that Oprah instills trust, embodies success, and is the type of person that you aspire to become, and you're off and running to build the business with all bets off.

Now let's change this to a different email subject line, "(Insert Friend Here) just joined our company" and I am sure I now know what is going through your head...it probably sounds like this, "oh great, I can't believe that my friend is in another MLM, they are wasting their money and worst of all I will have to hear about it for the next 3 months until the quit again." The only difference between the two responses in this particular case is the positioning of the person that has joined the company. The company is exactly the same, you are the same, the email is the same, the only difference is the positioning of who you are going into business with, and what feeling that gives you.

I am sure that all of you can see the tremendous power that positioning has, especially when it is used correctly. I am also sure that many of you have bought items, or joined companies based on positioning. The unfortunate part about this is that the company can be a joke, with no systems for success, but with the right positioning they will have a never-ending stream of prospects wanting to join. But I'm not here to tell you about the importance of systems today, I think I've done enough of that with our other lessons right? Let's talk about how you can harness the power of positioning to build your organization wide and deep and begin the march to MLM millions!

When your Dr. tells you to take a prescription, you don't ask if he is making a referral commission, and when your dentist tells you that you need to use floss, you don't immediately tell him to stop selling you stuff, and that is exactly the positioning that you want to have with your prospects. When you approach someone, or initiate the conversation with the intention of discussing your opportunity, you are always at the beginning of the welcome curve, which is shown below:

Annoying Pest to Welcome Guest

This is the process that people go through whenever they receive a marketing message, and as you can tell it is an uphill battle to get from the pest category to the guest category, but after that process takes place, you have an easy ride down to the welcome guest category. In our positioning examples we see that Oprah is received differently because she is positioned as a welcome guest and a marketing message from her is seen as welcome, in the same positioning that your doctor has that makes his message welcomed. However this also shows why the moment you decided to immediately pitch someone on your opportunity, you're an annoying pest because the positioning hasn't taken place yet, and even though they may have well joined in the future, you have blown them out by prospecting too early in the game.

To succeed in MLM, in any significant fashion, you must master the positioning game. Whether you decide to do the process manually or systemize it(my suggestion), you must have a method of taking your prospect through a process that positions you as an expert and encourages them to approach you for more information. THERE IS A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU TELLING SOMEONE ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND THEM ASKING YOU TO FIND OUT MORE. As a matter of fact, I am sure that if I asked you to remember the people that you have signed up, the majority are people that probably had an interest and approached you, rather than strangers you just decided to prospect off of the street. Now don't get me wrong, you can prospect right off of the street, however understanding the positioning process that creates curiosity, speaks to their pain, gives a glimpse of a solution, and positions you as the expert with that solution will allow you to prospect correctly.

Now I can just hear you saying, "Jon, this is so much stuff, I don't understand all this positioning junk, I am not a celebrity, and I don't know how to set this system up so that people approach me." and I understand your frustration and sense of overwhelm because that is exactly where I was. I studied the arts of marketing and positioning tirelessly, until my eyes were bloodshot, my friends thought I had moved away, and Starbucks literally had to cut me off. I immersed myself in it because I knew that there must be a way to "crack the code" that the big players used, and somehow put it into a system that anyone desiring success could tap into and after hundreds of sleepless nights, we have that system. This is literally a positioning system that you just have to push play, and I am damn proud of it. My brilliant friend Devon Brown handled the software side of things, and I must say we have created technology that will forever change the ability of the "little guy" to literally be flooded with prospects begging to join and positioning that same "green pea" to be a powerhouse expert. Check it out.
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