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Cash Gifting and Decisions

Jun 12, 2008
There are a few people in this world who are looking for a way to have their own successful/opportunity. I believe that there are even fewer people who are trying to make more money then they do currently. Many have tried different home based businesses from sales to writing to MLM and everyone has fallen victim to at least one pyramid scam. That has made many a little gun shy when they hear about a phenomenal way to make more money then they could dream of through a cash gifting program. The first thing that pops in most people's head is "SCAM!" Guess what, cash gifting is not a scam and it does work. This your chance to change your life for the better and never have to worry about money EVER again.

What is Cash Gifting?

I am glad that you asked. Simply put, cash gifting is the act of a person privately or publicly giving a declared amount of money to another person as a gift. Meaning there are no strings attached, the person receiving the gift does not have to pay the money back or purchase any product or services. This is done freely and without any coercion.

Is it Legal or a Pyramid?

Well, I think I already answered the later part of the question. It is not a pyramid and it is not a scam, which to me is one in the same. In a pyramid, the person at the top is the one that is making all the money while the people at the bottom make very little and are never able to be in that top position. It is a lot like sitting at the table with one person getting the prime rib and lobster and everyone else getting a few shells and fat.

It is not a scam, cash gifting involves real people giving real money to each other and it never stops. In most cases, in a matter of days, you will begin receiving money and that will happen on a daily basis.

Is it legal? Yes, it is legal. The idea of cash gifting is based on our Constitutional right to gift property, assets and cash to those we wish to as long as we follow the rules that the IRS has set forth. These rules can be found in the IRS Tax Code, Title 26, Sections 2501-2504 and 2511. What is states is that in order for the money to be tax exempt the amount you receive from a person must be no more then $11,000 per year. This protects both giver and receiver.

Who is Getting Involved?

Everyone is getting involved, regardless of their walk of life. This is an experience that there is no loosing in. There are people that are on the verge of loosing everything they have in their life and managing to save it all with cash gifting. Of course there are people that have money also involved in the cash gifting. This is truly a system for everyone, no one is excluded as long as they are at least 18 years of age.

Is it selling or a system?

Cash gifting is a system. You do not have to sell anything EVER. You really don't even have to give any information to the people that have questions. You mail out a post card, return a phone call to the interested person so that you can direct them to a website that explains everything. In some cases, you are able to direct them to a seminar so that they can talk to people and get all of their questions answered. If you can speak and have a phone you can follow this system. The key is that you HAVE to follow the system.
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Ray Napier finds enjoyment and passion retiring people who want more than what they have to settle for in life. For more priceless information to expand your bank account horizons go to Cash Gifting
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