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The Definitive Guide For Going Broke

Jun 12, 2008
I'm glad that you're reading this, because in our beloved industry, this silly, wacked out, and downright dangerous point is tossed around like it is a beautiful benefit, and business building solution. That platitude, or simply idea that gets focused on is, "My company has the BEST PRODUCT EVER"

Folks, I am here to tell you that if you ever hear those words leave your mouth, pause briefly and hear my voice in your head saying this, "The person you're telling doesn't care! And you've shot yourself in the foot by saying that your company has the best product." But I digress, let's talk about why in 9 out of 10 cases the product literally doesn't matter and to explain it, we'll need to talk a bit about marketing in general.

I'm about to introduce a VERY controversial example here and I may offend some of you. If at any point you want to punch your monitor or reach through your email and strangle me, I'll ask for your patience and just finish the lesson before coming after me. I want to share with you the marketing genius behind the Beer Companies...eek, I know, but they illustrate why the product doesn't matter.

For a moment, don't focus on the fact that beer can be enjoyed responsibly...just focus on what the beer companies lead with in their marketing and advertising. They are selling "cool" and their commercials all profile the people that are pretty, partying with other pretty people, and doing all kinds of activities that literally have nothing to do with beer. I don't know about you, but I have never been golfing in shorts on some mountain covered with snow and a train made of ice drops a sixer of Coors Lite at my feet, and upon cracking one open I am overwhelmed by beautiful women all wanting to hang out with me...if you have, please tell me where I am going wrong. But the lesson here folks is clear, they are leading with the perceived benefits of beer, and that by being associated with their beer, you'll have all of the amazing pretty things that come with it.

In addition they aren't at all jockeying for position among the other beers in the marketplace. They aren't showing you some double blind taste test or interviewing the actual drinkers of the beer to get their testimonials. They aren't showing you the calorie counts or the nutritional value, and they certainly aren't showing you how 2.5 beers may help you wind down after a weekend. As a matter of fact almost none of their marketing has anything to do with the product or the superiority of what their product offers. Have I gotten you to shift your thinking yet? If not, here's another noggin scratcher for you to think on...

People are never interested in what they need, only in what they want...hopefully you got that, but in case you didn't, here's another example. If people actually bought things based on need, the world would look really differently. If need drove buying decisions we would all have electric cars that got eleventy billion miles to the gallon, there would be vegetable drive-thru's everywhere, and you would be unable to find parking at any gym because people would be working out there all the time. But instead the world is full of SUV's with more horsepower, new fast food chains popping up daily, and the hardest places to find parking are normally malls. Why?

Because people are only interested in what they want, not what you tell them they need. And to make matters worse, if you ever make the mistake of trying to tell someone what they need, god help you. You're now in the same spot in their brain as their parents that always told them they needed to eat veggies, their teacher that always told them they needed to do their homework, their boss that told them they needed to work weekends, you get the picture. As soon as you get caught up in being a product evangelist and believing people need your product, you're sunk.

But friend, this is not a time to despair, this is a time to rejoice. If you know how people buy and why they buy, you're eons ahead of the people that are still believing that it's all about the product. Now don't get me wrong, a good product is important, and once someone buys the product because of what they WANT, and then find out that the product gives them what they NEED, then you're in the best position possible bubba.

"So Jon, how does this tie in to my product and opportunity?" I am so glad you asked. I want you to remember the last time that you bought something that you wanted, and get back in that mindset...what emotions did you feel, what promises were made by the product, what type of message and system took you through the buying process...and after you remember how that process went, figure out how you can adapt a similar system to your product and opportunity.

We all know that the products in MLM are awesome and amazing and once you're enjoying them, you want to stay on them, but in order to have more people try them and love them, we need to market to them from a place of want, not a place of need. Don't talk about how they need more vitamins, talk about how this provides amazing energy throughout the day, and even gives you more energy in "the bedroom" wink wink. Don't talk about how they need to fight aging, talk about how great it felt to grab your vitality back and get back in the game. Do you see the shift? Good. And let's not forget that the marketing system is the real product, that is where the rubber meets the ol' road.

The marketing system is what gives people what they want, the opportunity. If you never even knew what the product of a company was, and all you did was compare marketing vehicles, I believe that you'd actually be more successful. So hopefully as a result of these conversations we've been having you have a better marketing mind with which to evaluate the marketing systems that are available to you. And best of all if you have found a product that you love, we're showing you how to create the system necessary to introduce it to others and have them love it too.

Many a MLM companies are in the "opportunity graveyard" that had products that cured cancer, and changed lives but they died a grueling and painful death because the vehicles for sharing it were flawed, and most companies marched all the way to the graveyard saying, "Our product is the best there is, everyone needs it, we're going to be the next MLM giant!" And many MLM'ers have gone back to their dead-end job chanting, "My product is amazing, everyone needs this, and I'm on my way to millions."

Friends, the most brilliant marketer I know, Gary Halbert, used to have an example where he would ask anyone in the audience if they were going to have a restaurant, what advantages would they want. After a bunch of responses like, "great food, great service, cool restaurant design, great bar, good location, etc." He would say that he can pick one advantage and have a better restaurant than anyone else, as a matter of fact he would give you all of those advantages as long as you gave him one advantage, "a starving crowd." So it doesn't matter how great the product is, unless you have a starving crowd that wants it, the NEED will never be worth beans!

I am thrilled that all of you made it to the end of this lesson, as it is a powerful shift for all of us in the MLM world. I know that some of this stuff seems hard, and overwhelming, but I want you to know that I'm here to hold your hand, and ensure that you arrive at the end with a business that is founded on sound principals and that will care for you the rest of your life. Let's put in the work together and leave a legacy of success in this industry, and as always if you'd like my recommendation on the best system to use, or the best way to be inspired and focused all the time, they're below for your enjoyment.
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