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An Automated Marketing System, Is it Really Possible?

Jun 12, 2008
An automated marketing system is are a great way to get your business up and going and to keep it moving along profitably. It is like having money automatically taken from your checking account and put into a money market account. You increase your wealth without allowing emotion to get into the equation.

This does not mean that you completely set it and forget it though. At least once a month you should look at your advertising and make sure that your methods are still pulling in the same high results. An ad that pulled last month may not have the same profitable punch this month. And publishers do come and go, as well as the ones running their organizations. The purpose of having an automated marketing system is to free your time so that you can have a life while still running a profitable business.

So why go with an automated marketing system?

1) It takes the emotion out of the equation.

2) It helps you work more efficiently than if you had to do every bit of marketing yourself. Tasks that would take hours or even days if you were to do them all yourself can be reduced to the click of a button or a phone call. Once you have a good system in place, you can be sunning at the beach and still know that it is making money for you.

3) It helps you to set a specific advertising budget each month.

4) It allows you to do the most important part of running your business - analyzing your conversion rates so that you can tweak your automated marketing system periodically for even greater profits.

What is a good example of an automated marketing system?

1) You have a software program or tech doing your website submissions to the search engines automatically each month.

2) You are part of a co-op that creates and submits your ads for you each month for as long as you contribute advertising funds.

3) You have writers creating and submitting articles to all the article directories for you each week.

4) You have a staff answering your phones and emails and closing sales for you, as well as handling any customer complaints.

Remember when it comes to this or any business just keep it simple and let your system do its job.

And that is just a quick example of how an automatic marketing system can improve your business and your quality of life.
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Caterina Christakos is a published author and entrepreneur.Looking for a product to sell that pays high commissions and has an automated marketing system in place, including a ton of co-ops? Check this out: http://www.thousanddollarprofits.com/travelandearn
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