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Matching Product Features To Niche Market Desires Creates A Solid Connection

Jun 12, 2008
There are certain groups of people out there who need a product such as your affiliate one but don't know it yet. Why don't they know this yet? It's because you have not found them to give them the information they need about your affiliate product. There are certain things to look for when seeking out a new niche. When you match the wants of your niche to your product's features, you create the potential for increased revenue streams.

The first thing to look for when seeking a new niche is one that is not an obvious one. Every internet marketer worth his or her salt is looking at obvious markets. You have to do that as well; everyone is certainly capable of getting a piece of some of the pie from an obvious market. However, why not go beyond that and search for a sub-group of that market, or an offshoot of that same broad market. Look to a niche that complements that main market but is not necessarily a part of it.

If your affiliate product is golf leisurewear, you are of course going to target golfers. You will focus your marketing efforts to golf retailers, golf course pro shops, golf forums on the internet. Target golf academies, associations and whatever else is golf related. Focus your promotional efforts at them.

There are other markets for golf leisurewear though. Why not promote your brand of stylish golf shirts to the travel market. Target the cruise ship traveler who wants casual wear for time on a luxury liner. Target the traveler who loves traipsing around museums and art galleries in classy casual wear that's comfortable.

Be the affiliate marketer who has a golf-category product that is marketable to that offshoot or complementary market. Sure, there are many clothing retailers out there. Do they have your specific product? Are they narrowing their focus to target this specific group and tailoring their message accordingly?

Secondly, look for a niche market that is an emerging market not on everyone's radar yet. If your affiliate product is a new exercise device that helps people become fit and lose weight, find a new niche for it. Everyone selling this product is going to target the exercise fanatic, or the middle-aged spread crowd. They may be ignoring the reports trumpeting the alarming and growing trend of overweight teens. These reports tell of many teenagers who plop in front of PC's all day munching on junk food.

Why not target that new product to this market and their parents. It's a market that's growing in many ways so-to-speak and your exercise product may help them.

The third thing to look for when seeking a new niche market is potential for long-term sustainability. Consider the above two examples. There will always be a need for teens to remain active and healthy; there will always be a need for proper casual wear for travelling. These sustainable niches will consistently provide you affiliate marketing revenue. While people do make money on fad niches, aka the hoola hoop and lava lamps, they are not things that provide consistent sales for the long run.

Think like Warren Buffet when it comes to finding a new niche. He chooses products for his holdings that are everyday useful products that the average consumer needs to use everyday, or at least every week. Target your affiliate product to a niche that wants and needs to use your useful affiliate product everyday.

Connect with your new niche market by doing the research necessary to find them in the first place. Look at every single feature of your product and think long and hard about what niche it provides a benefit to everyday. Then go after that niche with confidence. When you connect to them to provide them what they want, before other's do, you have a better than even chance that they will stick with you.
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