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Affiliate Marketing Opportunities - Strategies For Finding The Best

Jun 12, 2008
Affiliate marketing opportunities are all around you, just waiting to be profited from. But if you are a relative newcomer to the industry, you may not know where to find them. Fortunately, there are easy and simple ways to not only find thousands of great products to promote, but also discover which ones are the hot sellers that you want to get behind. Here are three strategies you can use today to find the best affiliate marketing opportunities that can put money in your pocket.

Strategy #1: Go To One Of The Big Affiliate Marketing Directories

There are web sites out there that are completely dedicated to being directories of affiliate marketing opportunities. You can browse through them as you would a phone book and explore the various and assorted products available niche by niche. Most also allow you to search for niche-specific keywords for your convenience. Some directories are also payment processors for the products listed within, which puts them in a unique position of being able to give you information about the products, such as which ones are top sellers and how well their sales pages convert.

Strategy #2: Search Existing Product Pages

Many sales pages also include a link to the affiliate program for the product that is being sold. Clicking that link will let you sign up as an affiliate and begin promoting the product immediately. However, the link may not be easy to find - in order to prevent potential customers from signing up as affiliates and pocketing their own commission, these links are often at the bottom of the sales page in very small print. If you can't find these links on the sales pages of products you want to promote, another option is to do a web search for the word "affiliate" along with the name of the products to find any separate pages that let you sign up for those particular affiliate marketing opportunities.

Strategy #3: Search For Specific Niche Keywords

One last strategy is to put your favorite search engine to the test and finding what hidden affiliate marketing opportunities it turns up. By searching for very specific keywords in the niche that you are interested in along with the words "affiliate" and "signup," you can unearth a wealth of affiliate links to products you never even knew existed. If you do a search like this and find that your search results are returning a lot of non-relevant links, you can add a plus sign to the beginning of words to return only the results that have all of those words. An example of a search like that would be something like this: weight loss+affiliate+signup. Only pages that contained all of those words would be returned to you.

Finding the affiliate marketing opportunities that will make you the most money isn't difficult - if you know where to look. Use these three simple tips to find the products you want to promote, and start making more money now!
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