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Can You Really Make Money For Taking Surveys?

Jun 12, 2008
If you are just getting started and deciding for the first time you want to make money on the internet, what do you do? The options are so overwhelming that you might just quit before ever getting started. Everyone, it seems, has their opinion on how you can make money and most of the time they want you to sign up for their program.

One of the things that might have peaked your interest is making money taking surveys. Just type "surveys for money" into Google and you will get page after page of websites wanting you to sign you up to their program. These are salesmen (or saleswomen) at their best. They promise you everything from $10.00 per hour up to two, three, and four thousand a month for sitting back, sipping your latte, and taking a survey. Can it be true? Well, let me save you some time. NO, it is not true.

Most of these programs are scams. The number one rule is NEVER pay for something you can get for free. If a program wants you to pay to become a member don't do it. All they will do is provide you with a list of other programs that are all accessible for free with a little research. I know, they make it so appealing and they call it a "system" and it seems so legit and if I just pay them $35.00 then surely a magical money making kingdom of surveys will be revealed to me. Just don't do it!

Ok, so we have now determined to NEVER pay for a survey "program" or "system" but can you still make money taking surveys? Well, that answer is yes but it will not be easy. There are many free sites that you can sign up for and get paid to fill out surveys. You just need to know where to find them. You won't make a whole lot of money but it is a great way to start to get some positive cash flow coming in. You can easily find these sites by typing "GPT surveys" in Google. GPT stands for "get paid to" and there are quite a few of these free sites.

If you are just beginning in your internet adventure and wondering if you really can make some money, surveys could be a place to start. Don't have any illusions that you are going to be able to quit your job or anything but you can make some easy spending money. I can see how it could become addicting for some people and it just might be the stepping stone you need to start your move on up into the paid ranks of people on the internet!
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