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10 Things To Look For In An MLM Program

Jun 12, 2008
Baby Boomers are retiring. Gas prices are increasing. The economy is slowing. How are people managing to make ends meet, let alone get ahead?

Many people decide to take matters into their own hands by starting a home-based business. There are many types of businesses that a person can build from home. One type is a network marketing, or multi-level marketing (MLM) business.

However, many people are skeptical with regards to MLM business programs. I've found that this skepticism is rooted in not knowing what to look for in a network marketing business.

While all of the below 10 items may not be critical for everyone to have in a network marketing business program, they do serve as a good guideline for evaluating a specific program.

1. The MLM Company is well established. Consider how many years the company been in business. At least 10 years is good because you can determine what type of reputation the company has. Anything less than 10 years - do some serious research on the company and the people involved.

2. The senior management team of the company operates with Integrity. Determine whether or not the owners and people managing the company have excellent reputations in the business world as well as in their community. You can conduct research on the Internet and call local business associations, such as the chamber of commerce to find this information.

3. The company sells daily, consumable products. This is the best way to make a consistent, monthly income from a network marketing business. People will use your products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Therefore, you will have daily, weekly, and/or monthly sales.

4. The MLM Company has a high quality, unique product line. You want to see that people who are already using the products continue to buy. You want to see that they enjoy the high quality of the products and there are few, if any, other place where the product can be purchased.

5. The company manufactures a large percentage of their products. It's important that the company manufactures as close to 100% of their products as possible. This gives the company control over what products wear their label. It should also give the company's distributors more confidence that they are in fact distributing a good quality product that people can't buy elsewhere.

6. The MLM Company has a strong retail focus. Distributors who sell products at retail prices are able to enjoy a double-digit profit margin. This is a key component to what separates legitimate network marketing businesses apart from pyramid schemes.

7. The company has a fair and lucrative compensation plan. The best compensation plans are designed such that those just getting started are rewarded and those that have been steadily building their businesses are also rewarded.

8. The company has international opportunities. Find out how much revenue the company generates overseas. Many people have created a nice residual income for themselves by recruiting just one person who lives abroad.

9. The company has a strong mission statement. Find out what the company's mission statement is. Do you agree with it? Can you get behind it? Does the company walk their talk? These are key questions to get answers for before you make a decision about a particular MLM program.

10. The MLM Company has a good story. If you join this company's business program, do they have a story worth telling? Network marketing is a business rich with success stories - stories about transformations in health, longevity, and prosperity. Whatever company you choose, make sure that the company's story is worth telling.

Make your decision for or against a network marketing business program based upon facts associated with that program - versus rumor, innuendo and skepticism. Otherwise you could be missing out on a realistic means for you to generate that income you need.
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Kimberly Anne is a Master Coach with MLMU and has helped thousands of network marketers build successful businesses. She provides free, no-holds barred, let everything hang out, tell it like it is, 30-minute business coaching reviews that can mean the difference between success and failure for network marketers. To get your free live coaching call visit www. freecoachingcalllive.com .
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