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The Naming Game Of The Trademark Name

Jun 12, 2008
Trademarks are symbols, designs, or any form of identification that helps people recognize a brand. The owner of a certain trademark receives rights if that trademark is registered, these rights protect his brand from being copied and distributed illegally. The agency which registers the trademark gives people trademark rights and receives different financial advantages.

The difference between trademarks and patents is the fact that the rights given for a certain trademark depend on the contract between the agency and the person who wants to register it. However, if the time agreed in the contract passes, people can renew it as long as they pay the fees that are included. Trademarks were used throughout the history; for example, in ancient times, people who crafted certain things used to also craft their name on them. Nowadays, trademark registration is done with the help of big organizations which ensure protection to each person.

In other words, trademarks are used for the commercial and financial advancement of services and products. Sometimes the marketability of a service or product lies with the trademark name. A good trademark name is easy to recall and can generate interest among potential consumers. So, in choosing a trademark name, the potential owner should think of name that is easy to protect and easy to sell. Potential proprietors of the trademark can achieve its marketability and protectability by thinking of an exceptional trade name.

The following may be of help in formulating a trademark name with a strong commercial appeal as well as meeting the criteria of trademark registration for its protection:

Any term, from any field, should be used. It doesn't matter if you choose a plant, an animal or a legend, as long as this title has something to do with the products you sell or the services you offer.

Opt for a name or phrase that signifies the principles or standards of the company or its commodities. The name may not be a literal description. Concentrate on words that have an optimistic implication which will promote its marketability and may consequently motivate the consumers. Other companies use acronyms or abbreviations instead of a specific term in distinguishing themselves in the corporate world.

You can choose a different language in order to represent your company. Using a word that describes something that represents your products can be a great way to start. However, trademark law does not register exact translations of a certain word, but terms which describe the company non-literally can be registered.

A creative way to pick a name to distinguish a company and its commodities is to formulate an original name. Inventive and original names can be easily recognized as a protectable trademark due to its uniqueness. The only drawback is to the cost of advertising to inform potential consumers about the new name. To overcome this minor dilemma, it is best to add some words that are descriptive enough to reduce any consumer confusions.

After choosing a name for your trademark, the next step is the registration. This can be done with the help of a lawyer if you need assistance during the process. Make sure that the lawyer you choose is specialized in intellectual property laws in order to keep everything right and safe.

It would be preferable that there is a list of possible names to choose from. By doing this, maybe at least one of them can be granted a registration. Always prepare for the worst, as they say. With diligence, creativity, careful research, and pure luck, it is not impossible to come up with a trademark name that will gratify the whims of potential consumers as well as the legalities that comes with registration. All the hard work will pay off when a trademark name is finally registered and is up for keeps by the company or organization. As long as they can afford the additional fees, of course.
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