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Importance of Article Titles in Successful Article Marketing

Jun 12, 2008
Most savvy Internet marketers will agree that article marketing is one of the very best ways to gain backlinks and traffic to your website at very reasonable or even no cost.

However, one drawback to article marketing is that it is a lot of work and very time consuming. That is if you write those articles individually and then submit to article directories individually. That makes using article marketing, as effective as it is, one big chore that many Internet marketers never get around to, or if they do, soon abandon. Trying to save a few dollars by doing everything manually is not a very efficient way to manage your time.

Fortunately there are article writing and article submission services around that are not all that expensive and that make the writing and distribution of articles quick, easy, and even fun. You can easily write several good informative articles a day and have them distributed to hundreds, even thousands, of websites using these services.

However, all of your article distribution and article writing work will have little value if you overlook one important thing. The titles to your articles are the most important part of your article. A good title must quickly bring attention to your article and make the reader want to read more.

You might have written a wonderful really interesting article but if you used a lousy title the odds are that the article will never be read. Your title needs to be factual yet an attention getter. The right attention grabbing titles along with good content can put your article marketing results in orbit.

There is another aspect to good titles that many Internet article marketers completely mess up. The title should have your main key words worked into it. In addition, if you want the article to bring you any traffic they must be key words that people actually search for.

As an example of how so many article marketers miss the boat on these points consider this example. Recently I received an email from a guy proudly pointing out that he had achieved a number one spot on Google search by writing an article.

He was pound of the fact that his article entitled something like "How I used article marketing to obtain a number one Google ranking in only three weeks." Well, that is just fine and dandy but since he was talking about an exact match search how many people do you think will be searching for that exact 16 word phase?

Yeah, you are right. Probably only the poor guy's loving mother and loyal girl friend and then only once each. The moral to this little story. You must have an attention getting title to attract readers and in that catchy title you must use key words that people actually search for. Long tail keywords are fine for niche marketing but you had better check out how many people search for the key word phase daily before firing off an article using a "no search results" keyword phase as your title.

Using correct searched for key words and writing attention getting titles will make a world of difference in your article marketing results. Fortunately, there are inexpensive tools that will help you to accomplish this task in an effective manner. There is one outstanding tool that I use everyday to help choose domain names, keywords, and titles that will draw in traffic. If you are involved in niche marketing you will want to check out the tools that can made your results much better with less work.
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