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Copywriting Basics - Creating Testimonials That Sell Like Crazy!

Jun 12, 2008
Every great copywriter knows that a testimonial can be one of your best selling tools. Unfortunately, you won't always be handed a pile of powerfully worded testimonials. The good news is that you don't have to settle for weak ones -- even if that's all you have to start out with.

Don't wait for great testimonials to come to you. Go out there and get them! When you do, you'll be able to get testimonials that highlight certain key benefits. This lets you show your prospect that someone just like him has used this product and gotten great results!

A typical testimonial is what I call a Before and After testimonial. The customer tells you about the problem he use to have, and how it went away after he started using the product. The Before and After testimonial is a lot better than what we use to see, which was "I love your widget!" But for today's prospect, you need to do even better.

Here's what I mean. Everyone is using Before and After testimonials now. They've become standard. This has made them less effective than they use to be. Your prospect sees them all the time, and before long they all start sounding the same.

In today's market, you want to use testimonials that are richer and more powerful. Luckily, you can get a stack of real-life testimonials that will highlight different key benefits. It's just a matter of going out and getting them.

Start out with a list of happy customers. Get on the phone and talk with them. Take a half hour and interview them. Find out what their real story is. Uncover the emotions they felt, the things they worried about or the frustrations they use to have. Why was it so important to find a solution?

When you're finished, you are ready for the next step. This is where you take the information you just gathered and transform it into the strongest testimonial possible.

At the end of the interview, ask if he would be willing to give you a testimonial that you can use. If he says yes, ask if he would like you to type one up based on the conversation you just had. Most customers love this idea, especially when you tell them that they will have final approval on how it's written.

Once the customer gives you the go-ahead, your job is to take what you have and turn it into the most powerful testimonial you can. If the interview has gone well and you've asked the right questions, you will have a lot of great material to choose from.

Start by reviewing your interview notes and asking yourself a few questions:

* Which angle should I take?

* What are the key benefits I want to emphasize?

* Which one is best supported by this person's story?

* What is the best way to use or position this story?

* What parts will make my prospect think, "Hey, that guy is just like me!"

Just imagine how much more powerful and effective these type of testimonials will be. All of the different angles you can take and the great real-life tidbits that you can weave through your sales copy.

Interviewing happy customers has got to be the most powerful way to get strong testimonials that support your sales copy. If you understand how to guide the conversation in the right direction, you can uncover the good stuff quickly, every single time. Once you've done that, the only thing left is positioning it properly and you've got copywriting gold!

What you end up with is a testimonial other copywriters would die for. One that's laser-focused on a specific, key selling point in your copy. One that speaks directly to your prospect's needs and desires. One that uses your customer's words only better!
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