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Wise Tips On Starting An Internet Based Business

Jun 12, 2008
Mindset : The key points to have in mind :

1. Why do you want to start an internet business? (more time, freedom, money, etc...);
2. Talk to your inner being and act following your heart and values;
3. Think Big, set high objectives : have a Vision;
4. Be passionate, persistent, confident, curious;
5. practice Networking;
6. Set-up a detailed one-year plan : stick with things long enough : the end result
can be rewarding!
7. Don't listen to naysayers!
8. Be an expert in an area you love;
9. Love to educate and help people.
10. Have a spiritual look at achievemnt : it's about what is going on in the inside, what's in your mind and in your heart : take time to identify what drives you, what your Values are;
11. Have trust in what life offers you;
12. Remind yourself that "it's not what happens in life that matters, but what you do with it";
13. Business is about serving, bringing a gift to the table : believe in what you sell;
14. If you are and love your business, you will succeed;
15. Build something of your own, decide what you want it to be;
16. The road to success never ends, the process never finishes : there is no last step to success.

Then, ask yourself what it means for you to start an internet-based business:

1. A life changing accomplishment;
2. An openess to be ready to learn;
3. A committment to be persistent and to have the end-result in mind;
4. A readiness to strech out of your comfort zone and try new things;
5. Take risks and challenges;
6. Be an action-taker;
7. Become a resource, an expert;
8. Be the best you can be.

Now, here are the first things to do to be started :

1. Select a very targeted niche, as it allows you to focus your efforts and energy on solving specific problems effectively. then create the product they want. They will have the money to buy it!
2. Remember : specialized information is the number 1 seller in the world...
3. Put yourself in your client's shoes : why should I buy this now? What's in it for me?
4. Selling is helping people make good decisions and sharing something with them;
5. Always bring value and overdeliver. Be honest : this will build your reputation;
6. Build long-term, trustful relationships with your list of subscribers/customers;Engage a constant con versation with your market!
7. The first sale is always the most difficult and expensive in terms of time and money : people usually make a decision after having been exposed 5 times to an add!
8. Use multiple marketing strategies, starting with free or cheap ones, such as networking, social networks(Web 2.0), blogging, join-ventures,free publicity, (web)radio, press releases, affiliate programs, email newsletters or follow-up series, swapping newsletters adds;
9. Effective internet marketing is all about leveraging resources : spending minimal time and money
attracting maximum customers and profits;
10.Focus on how to get visibility, how to stay apart from the crowd. Nurture your Unique Selling Proposition :give people a valuable reason to visit your site and drive them there through a squeeze page where you entice them to give their information (name and email address).
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Denis Sabardine lives in France. After working with a personal coach, he concentrates on mentoring others improve themselves. He helps business entrepreneurs find and leverage their vision, so as to increase their profits and run their businesses in an enlightened and sustainable way.
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