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Why the Heavy Hitters Are Rich and You Aren't

Jun 12, 2008
Have you ever wondered why only a handful of marketers on the internet seem to making any money? I bet you have made the same mistake of attempting to join opportunities with the so called heavy hitters in hopes of duplicating their success.

In this article I'm going to lay out the reasons why the heavy hitters are wealthy, and very few people will be able to duplicate their success.

These heavy hitters make it seem so easy in their sales pitch. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that you don't see. There is endless studying, writing articles, creating marketing materials and various other procedures which take up time each day.

Most people don't have the patience, technical knowledge or skill to duplicate everything it takes to be successful online. Before you can even write articles or do the other necessary tasks, you must have the knowledge of what you're doing. It takes years upon years to learn how the internet works.

There's a point that most people miss about online success with business opportunities and affiliate programs. You must be a dynamic and powerful sales person to make sales online. It's not just having the knowledge and the technical ability; you must have the ability to wow your audience.

Business opportunities and affiliate programs are more about psychology than they are about the products. If a great sales person can convince people that they are the best person to do business with, it's that particular sales person who will achieve profit and success.

If you've ever received an email about a business opportunity you probably didn't sign up with the person who sent you the email. You probably did what most other people do, which is searched the internet for the opportunity and signed up with somebody who convinced you the best chance for your success was by signing up with them. And that's exactly why the heavy hitters get the gravy while most others fail.

I'm not saying heavy hitters don't have something to offer. You'll learn various techniques on internet marketing. The truth of the matter is that you can purchase informational products online, which will teach you the same or better techniques for far less money than what most business opportunities require you to spend.

Everyone's searching for that secret key to success, the one thing that works. There is no secret to success, but instead it's just plain old hard work. And furthermore, most people who are looking for what actually works wouldn't be able or willing to do what it takes anyway!

Every successful online marketer first must learn. The learning curve when it comes to online marketing is huge. After you learn what to do you must then actually do it! And doing it means writing articles, building websites, creating back links and reciprocal links, developing a marketing strategy and there's really so much to cover. As matter of fact there's so much to cover that it would need to be covered in another article or even training course.

The bottom line: Stop falling for the empty promises of the heavy hitters. If you see an ad or receive an email about an opportunity to make money, instead of searching out a heavy hitter to make richer, sign up with the guy who originally invited you! If everybody gets in this habit then everybody will succeed!
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