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The Benefits of VoIP For Consumers Around the World

Jun 12, 2008
Do you have family that lives abroad? Do you travel overseas in your job frequently and wish to stay in touch with your loved ones back home? No one has to tell you that international phone calls can get expensive and yes, instant messaging via the Internet is free but you don't get the same warm feeling reading words on a scream as you do when you actually get to talk to someone.

VoIP let's both individuals that wish to simply keep in touch as well as businesses talk to friends, relatives and business associates internationally, and in some cases the call will be free or simply a nominal charge. Also, VoIP is available even in areas where there are not phone lines, all you need is the ability to access the Internet through a WiFi connection and this is easy if you're using a cell phone.

Imagine being on a business trip and stopping at an Internet cafe to check your email and also have the ability to make a phone call to someone nearly anywhere in the world either at their own computer, cell phone or land line.

Using a computer to make VoIP calls is a snap. There are many services that require a very small (and usually free) software download. Some companies charge a small monthly subscription fee and others do not. The subscription based VoIP providers generally provide a wider range of services.

To make a VoIP call over your PC, you merely need to connect your headset and microphone so you can hear and be heard; then connect to the website of the VoIP provider. Usually you will input that you're calling from and the number you wish to connect to. If you're using a PC - there is often an option to state so and in some cases your cell phone number. The VoIP will send out an automated phone call that will either connect to your PC or call the cell phone. When you answer, the VoIP provider will call the other number of the party you wish to call. When they answer, simply begin speaking normally and enjoy your phone call.

If you're calling from a cell phone or land line, your VoIP provider will most likely either have an access number you dial locally wherever in the world you may be (many providers have access numbers around the world). When you call the access number, you'll input your personal PIN to identify yourself and then make your phone calls.

There are also services that allow you to plug a simple VoIP jack into your USB port and make phone calls anywhere in the US and Canada for free. These same services also allow people in other countries to use these VoIP jacks in their own computers and make phone calls to the United States and Canada for free. This saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars on international phone calls.

Most consumers are amazed at the clarity of VoIP. The sound is often very good even when calling halfway around the world and when it's this affordable, it's something you can afford to do on a very regular basis.
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