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From Real Estate To Industrial: Sales Jobs

Jun 12, 2008
Salespersons have very important jobs: persuading potential clients and customers to buy their company's products or services. Sales is different from marketing, because sales is a more direct and straightforward aspect of a company.

The style of a company's sales workforce will depend on the company itself and the different requirements they have for their salespeople. A real estate agent, for example would have to possess knowledge of various property laws while medical salespeople should have sufficient background in the medical field

In the same way that all salespeople should possess the required knowledge in the field, an industrial salesperson should not only know the field itself but the trends that affect and move this field in order to be successful. These products are naturally quite difficult to buy and the specific buyer's needs should always be put into consideration.

For example, if you have a hydraulic generator to sell, and you have a customer who knows nothing about it, you'll need to be able to list down all of the wonderful things your generator can do for your potential buyer, so that they will be persuaded to buy it.

Not just limited to being a skilled presenter, a good salesperson should also have the skill to answer all the questions the customers may ask them about the product. This is important because it informs and impresses the customer and at the same time proves that the product has just the right specifications that the buyer needs. At the same time, if the customer decides to ask for a sample or trial of the product, the salesperson should be up to the task.

Unlike ordinary salespersons, industrial sales agents need to have degrees in fields like engineering, mechanical engineering, or others that are related. There are many vocational courses that also offer certificate programs that will allow you to apply for specialized positions.
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