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Write Your Own Network Marketing Success Story

Jun 12, 2008
I'm sure you have read a lot of network marketing success stories and you have been wowed by what these people have achieved.

From being a simple average earner employee, they have become millionaires working in the comfort of their homes. And then you think to yourself, It sounds so easy I can do that. Then you start duplicating what these people have done. You would seem to be succeeding at first, but after a while you notice that your copied method is not sustaining your business. So, you ask yourself why. What went wrong? What did you do wrong?

You are smart, intelligent, may even have a degree, but still did not make it? Does this mean that other people who do not even have masters or Phd's, or have not even graduated from college, are better than you?

One of your friends may be just a happy-go-lucky lady, who likes to party with friends and have never taken any business seriously and yet is earning six figures a month.

The bartender at the bar you frequent may have just chatted with patrons and talked about the network marketing business he runs at home, is now also receiving thousands of dollars every month.

A mother of two may have just started with her fellow PTA members and now has networks of hundreds of downlines, whom she manages at home.

A man with no job at all may have begun with handing out brochures and leaflets on street corners and now drives his own car. So you wonder why you, a college graduate, a master or Phd holder, can't seem to do it right? Something must be wrong. Well, there is nothing wrong. You are simply not doing the right thing for you.

Success stories make it all sound easy and fail-safe. The truth is, it is not. Actually, it is not about the perfect style or method. It is about what is the strategy that would work perfectly for you. You see, what works effectively for others does not necessarily mean that it will work as effectively for you.

It is about finding the right or perfect method for you it is about compatibility. Every individual has his or her unique sets of values and attitudes that make up his or her personality. And every individual is different you are unique. You have to find the type of business and the kind of marketing methods and strategy to promote your business that work best for you.

The bartender is a natural speaker and is enthusiastic about his work both the bar tending and the network marketing. He exudes positive aura when he talks about it and catches the attention of the bar's patrons. His statements are delivered with such conviction that everything he says hits home.

Your happy-go-lucky friend is fun to be with and loved by her friends and even people who have just met her. She is a natural when it comes to winning friends trust just by being her vivacious self. The mother of two is a caring friend who shows genuine concern for the other parents at the PTA and truly wants to help them out. Other people can see that in her so she wins their confidence and trust. The man with no job has nothing much to lose and everything to gain.

He's not embarrassed to be standing there on the streets, handing out brochures with a genuine smile on his face. What am I saying here is ask yourself, what are you willing to do for your business? Think of something that you truly love doing and everything else would follow.
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