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The Benefits Of Call Recording

Jun 12, 2008
Call recording is a powerful, useful, and an integral tool for many businesses when it comes to improving customer service, providing proof of calls, and meeting legal requirements. Increased liability in today's business world means that it is important to keep meticulous records and to make sure that employees are held accountable. Call recording can also be a way to effectively train and supervise new employees and generate sales leads.

Training customer service representatives is much easier when there is a clear record of what specific customers ordered and of the level of service provided by the trainee. In addition to written notes or screen entered data, there will be audio evidence, which will also make it easier for call center managers to retrieve, review, and evaluate calls. Most financial traders are required to record all calls in which customers give training orders for just these reasons. Integrating a silent monitoring program, along with providing one on one coaching is the best way to evaluate an employee's overall effectiveness. Many recording software and hardware programs also include ROI tracking, campaign and location reports, call alerts, lead tracking, and call forwarding, in addition to related features that vary by service provider.

Trainers can also use recording software to find calls that exemplify superior customer salesmanship or service, and use these calls as examples, whether by emailing them to other sales representatives or playing them during training meetings. Calls that do not exemplify superior customer salesmanship or service can also be replayed as a means of constructive criticism with the goal of addressing customer and representative communication breakdowns and improving customer service skills. These types of calls can be as valuable or more valuable when it comes to guiding a sales force as a call that leaves no room for improvement. The truth, as any call center or sales employee will tell you, is that every call can be improved upon.

When it comes to generating sales leads, features like real time call alerts also make sure that important calls are not missed. Advanced caller ID features that deliver detailed information about telephone prospects can help employees tailor their calls to deliver a more targeted response, and campaign tracking reports can help to evaluate cost per call, per lead, per order, per time zone, and other criteria. There are many call recording service providers and programs available for use, so be sure to do your research and compare features before purchasing, and you will be well on your way towards increased sales and increased levels of customer service.
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