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How an Article Directory Helps

Jun 13, 2008
Thousands of individuals from around the globe have started writing articles over the net to make money, as this method has become one of the most successful work from home concepts of job. Some people write articles full time while some have adopted it as part-time hobby. Apart from getting an opportunity for the writers to express their opinions over the Internet, these people also earn money by doing so. You can simply sign up with an article directory, which offers the concept of revenue sharing. These web sites delegate specific days of a week on which you can earn the advertising revenues from the articles submitted by you when the visitors click on these relevant advertisements.

On the other days, they make profit and cover their cost by displaying their own advertisements. The web traffic that is received on such sites are is usually far more than what can be attracted by running a new web site, the reason for this is because such web sites have already a loyal background in the eyes of the users. All you have to do is to sign up on the web site and submit your written articles, and you do not have to worry about technicalities at all. This is also a great job opportunity for students, housewives and people who are willing to earn some extra money apart from their regular jobs. An article directory is like a community web site where anybody can make money.

Payment terms

The best part about an article directory is its payment methods since the writers get paid directly by the platform, so there is no way for the sites to cheat on your deserved money. Since the success of the writers depends on the quality of their articles, they can just relax and concentrate on 3-4 articles per day without the need to worry about web traffic, programming and hosting costs. By writing frequently, you can really make a faithful readers base who will like to read your articles regularly.

Writing an article convincingly

While, writing articles always follow the simple rules of article writing that include keyword optimization, selecting a good title and writing an article of at least 400 words. Also remember not to mention your personal information such as e-mail address or phone number so that the telemarketers and spammers do not get its hold. Try to break the articles into paragraphs and sub-topics and adding some interesting statistics and numbers can also be helpful in making it more forceful and convincing.

Try to bold the significant sections and use bullets whenever possible. And most importantly, the content of your article should be useful and provide the most correct information as possible. Make use of examples and instances wherever applicable, use tags for highlighting the headings, the file names should be short, descriptive and easily readable. Writing an article following these guidelines will definitely stand you out from other articles over the Internet. In addition to that, if you are using a picture, then be sure that the caption and file name includes the keyword phrase of your article.
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