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Five More Questions That Will Bring New Ideas For Your Business

Jun 13, 2008
This the second part of my article entitled "Five Questions That Will Bring New Ideas For Your Business". Do you want more ideas to benefit your business? If so, continue answering the next five questions.

The first five questions were: 1) In the next seven days what can I do that will fill in the blank 2) Regarding marketing strategies, which of them are being used successfully in your industry? 3) What would be five new ways to attain new customers? 4) How do I make it really easy for people to help me and who do I know that could really help my idea take off? 5) For only $10, how could I wow blank?

Without making you wait any longer, lets get started with Question Six: How could I automate XYZ?

The stage in which some people get caught in is coming up with product ideas on a regular basis. That's why I asked Armand Morin, "Where do you get your ideas for all of your products?"

He said, "It's simple. I look at what I'm doing and how much time it's taking me. If it's taking me too much time, I ask myself How could I automate this process? Ninety percent of my product ideas come from my ability to recognize what's draining my time. I'm lazy. I want to automate everything."

That's where his product ideas come from. Powerful question, so ask yourself that question. How could you automate XYZ?

Question seven: How could XYZ be simplified?

From my own experience, some processes that you have to go through in order to purchase a product are extremely difficult. Have you ever tried to buy your own product? Is it complicated to buy from you?

I had this happen to me actually just a little while ago. I was interested in purchasing a dedicated server from a certain company but their buying process was extremely difficult. It became so frustrating that I ended up giving up and purchasing one from someone else.

So they need to ask the question: How can they simplify the purchasing process for my customers?

This question could start as a piece of stimuli that will help you generate multiple new processes for your clients. Very powerful for the success of your business.

Next question - number eight: Could a new product solve one of the problems experienced by my target market?

A great tool to use for this question is the Ask Database. Alex Mandossian created this phenomenal piece of software. If you have it, use it. Use it to constantly ask people what problems they are having and make products that will solve them.

Being able to find problems and solve them is an attribute that all creative thinkers should have and use. Being able to solve someone else's problem will always keep you in demand.

This website is extremely powerful and useful when finding problems. Make sure you write this down - it is www.Answer.Google.com

When you go there, I want you to click on the category that is most applicable to you and your business, and find out what questions people are asking. Those questions are problems.

If there is a commonality in the questions, that will be a clear sign that many people are experiencing the same problem. Those problems need a product in order to solve them.

So constantly ask yourself the question: Are there problems my target market is experiencing and how could I solve them with a new product?

Question nine: Watching Alex Mandossian present at a recent seminar I heard him bring this up, and it is a very powerful question. How could my current products or services by residualized?

It makes sense when you think about it - if your products and services are residualized then you will have a constant stream of cash coming in. Every week, month, whatever it is, you should be looking to getting paid more than once. You won't have to worry about always finding new customers when you can leverage your existing ones.

Ask yourself that question: How could I residualize my current products or services?

Next question, and the final question I'm going to leave with you is: How could I increase the value of what I'm currently offering?

Thinking in the customers favor and frame of mind is really going to get a whole bunch of ideas popping into your head.

Thinking from your customer's point of view will really ignite ideas that benefit your customers. Your existing customer base is a fantastic source and you really should take the time to think about how you can benefit them. If you do, they are more likely to buy from you, tell others about your products and services and therefore create more revenue for your business.

Using this question I was able to get 100% satisfaction from the first seminar I ever held. I asked myself, how I could increase the value, before any of the attendees arrived. By doing so, I was able to deliver bonus after bonus to them throughout the seminar. At the end of the three days people kept coming up asking when the next Idea Incubator would be because they were thrilled at the amount of information they received!

Even at the Big Seminar they were telling eveyone about the amount of value they received at the Idea Incubator and what a great time it was.

If I hadn't asked myself how I could increase the value of what I was offering then that would not have happened.

By asking yourself that question, new opportunities emerge with for your business, services and products.

That's it!

Processing the ten questions I hope you got a lot out of it, just like I did!

May ideas come to you when you need them most.
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