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Jun 13, 2008
Everyone is looking for work at home ideas due to the high gas prices and the luxury of working from the comfort of your own home. Now where do you find real work at home ideas?

Let me start off by saying there are many work at home forum postings, work at home careers, work at home business opportunity, and top work at home jobs which can be found with some research and dedication. Now if you lack self-discipline and are not easily motivated, I suggest you go work in an office somewhere and not work at home. It takes hard work and dedication to be able to work from home. Most people cannot do it as they get distracted because they do not have someone constantly telling them what to do. Being your own boss is great, if you can handle it. Put it this way, when I started my own work at home business I gave up my 9-5 job, making $65,000 which wasn't bad money. I was working so hard and making my supervisor and her boss rich. Most companies are sort of like a pyramid scheme if you think about it. From the top to the bottom people are making money. The people usually at the top are making some killer money while the people at the bottom are making barely enough to feed their family and work 3 times harder than the people at the top. The people at the top of the company are just sitting in recliners and making decisions based on presentations etc... for the good of the company. You don't need to be feeding and fueling their 6 figure a year job. You need to be your own boss. That is the absolute best thing you could ever do in life. There are many books on internet jobs that can help you get your feet wet to become your own boss. Do not fall victim to work at home scam, which is out there on the internet.

I suggest you start off with something slow like using internet marketing resources to build an internet marketing site through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you sell someone else's product through an affiliate marketing link on your own personal website. When a customer buys that product through your link, you get credit for each sale. It is amazing because most affiliate marketing products earn you 25-75% on each sale which is phenomenal. The product, sales pitch, and everything else is there for you. The only thing you have to do is lead the customer to the site to buy the product. You need to choose products that you know and can help the potential customer out if they have any questions related to this product. Best way to promote products is to write article after article inserting keywords into each article and submitting the articles to an online article directory. By doing this you can go to sleep at night and wake up with a lot of money in your paypal account. In whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck!
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