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Three Reasons Why Display Stands are Vital to Your Sales

Jun 13, 2008
Whenever you open up your restaurant doors, you have one chance to pull the customer in. Usually, it's your glowing smile that does the trick, but if you're not feeling all that smiley, or you're getting a lot of business at once, you need to let your restaurant do the talking (and the smiling for you). With display stands, you can showcase your best work -- and give yourself a little break as well as a boost in sales. There are numerous reasons to start putting these stands up in your store -- but here are three that really matter.

You Will Increase Your Sales

When you use display stands to show off your latest pastry or dish, you're going to show people what they can expect when they order that dish. So often, menus don't have pictures on them, so the stand helps them make a decision based on what they will actually receive, rather than what they think they're going to get. That leads to more sales, especially when you showcase higher priced items. If the customer is going to be spending a lot of money, they should find out what their spending it on, right? Also, if you're serving directly from these stands, as you might with pastries, seeing that others have bought up the rest of the pastry might be incentive enough for a customer to try it.

You Will Show Off Your New Items

Instead of having to explain the new items on your menu, you can show them off. By attractively arranging your new pastries or other dishes, people get to see what it will look like and they will be able to imagine what it tastes like. In fact, you might want to include a few samples at the base of the stand so that people can taste the new item too, and then be inspired to order one for themselves.

You Will Protect Your Foods

If you want the open air approach at a bakery or a cafe, the display stand helps to protect the foods from germs in the air as well as bugs. Cover up the goods after they've already had a chance to cool from the oven so that you're not trapping in moisture as well. If you want to display hot items, you might want to use glass topped chafing dishes instead. These tend to hold up better and they will keep the food warm and ready to eat.

With display stands, you can start showcasing the delicious tastes of your restaurant. After all, being put on display should be a positive thing, not a highlight of your flaws.
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Able Kitchen (http://www.ablekitchen.com/Pastry-Displays-s/5599.htm) sells display stands and other business equipment for restaurants. They stock products that have reputable names in the culinary industry with several thousands of restaurant supplies to choose from. Art Gib is a freelance writer.
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