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Protecting Your Link Buying Efforts

Jun 13, 2008
More and more as search engines catch on to creative link buying techniques, it becomes harder to protect your site from being detected. After some lengthy research it is found that there are more than 6,000 articles on how to protect your linking buying efforts.

The main focus described quite a few practices that you should not use, but adding them all here would create some pretty boring reading. So therefore let us focus on the more obvious practices.

Your links shouldn't all come from the same place, nor should they all point to the same page or to your home page. You should avoid buying links from the same places your competitors do. Never buy links from places where you do not have control over how your anchor text is written. Avoid using the same keywords and descriptions in your anchor text. Stay away from link farms or sites that only have links pages, except for legitimate social networking sites and blogs. Never buy links from irrelevant sites, and never buy links in footers.

Creativity is the key to being successful in buying links for your site, and your efforts should be focused in making your links pass a human review should your site even encounter suspicion. Some of the best types of links you can buy are those that come from sites that have a long history of being online or substantial trust and authority.

Another good source of links can come from sites that already rank. The higher they rank the more they will help your incoming link efforts. Links that are in middle page content are a big plus. And above all, once you buy a link and keep it on your page, the longer you keep them the more they help your site.

It cannot be stressed enough about the constant necessity of being both creative and patient in your linking campaign. It takes time to build high ranking and PR. Work slowly and consistently and your site will reap the powerful benefits of link building. It is also as good idea to mix up your incoming links with a few legitimate links to help your site maintain the appearance of only having natural organic backlinks. There are many blog sites where you can post comments about information or events that are similar to your site, and include links to your site's content that relate. Another creative idea is gathering free E-books about useful subjects and then posting articles on blogs sites and forums offering to give them away.
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