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5 Work At Home Myths That Likely Stop You From Success

Jun 13, 2008
Most of the work at home mom and dads have trouble with making some money online to become financially and emotionally free. This article will help you achive both of these. You'll learn about a few of the myths that steal your precious time away from you and why passive income will change everything fast!

Here are the 5 myths:

Myth #1: It's hard to make money online..

It's not true at all. Once you know the ins and outs of how to make money online you'll notice it's a lot easier than you thought it was. People can go to medical school for 10 years and then they quit internet marketing after 1 month? And there's a LIMIT to what you can earn as a doctor... Online, there's not! People give up after 1 week and recognize anything as a scam? Don't...

Myth #2: It's super easy to make money online..

This is the flip-side of the coin! It's easy to make money, but you will need a lot of training and experience before you'll start seeing results. Without a plan or some help from an expert it will be very hard for you to get out there and just generate income on demand.

Myth #3: You need to be a tech-geek to make money...

This is just another limiting belief. It's so not true! You do NOT need to know fancy code or have a lot of computer knowledge. It is better if you do know it, but it's not at all required. This is what is holding so many back and they think "if I just knew something about computers I'd do it", when in reality, they don't even have the slightest idea of what works... what works, doesn't require much knowledge of any code or programming.

Myth #4: It's expensive to earn money online...

Many people have a strong belief that you need a lot of money to start and become successful online. The fact is that you can start for free... 100% free and make some money, even enough to start advertising and increasing your profits 10 fold.

Myth #5: I need to know something about what I'm talking about...

This is another misconception most people have. You do not need to be an expert or "guru" in order to make some money in a niche. You can set up a site that compares products as an outside "reviewer" without any knowledge at all and start earning profits tomorrow!
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