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Where To Find A Work-From-Home Internet Job

Jun 13, 2008
Perhaps you're looking to fire up a computer instead of a car engine every morning. A work-from-home Internet job offers the advantage of being your own boss. You manage your own time. You maintain a flexible work schedule. Your job fits around your life, not the other way around. There are few things not to like about telecommuting. So how do you find those work-from-home Internet jobs?

More people are earning a living working from home than ever before. Internet and computer technology make it possible to run an entire business from a remote home office. Internet-based companies may have dozens of employees, all of whom have never met their co-workers in person. Work-from-home Internet jobs are becoming less of an exception and more of a norm today. It appears that this trend is destined to continue for years to come.

One place to start looking for your perfect e-job is with your current boss. If your job is computer-based, your company may allow you to work part or all of your workweek from home. Although it was once true that companies were reluctant to do this, this has changed in recent years. Many companies now recognize the benefits of allowing employees to work from home either part- or full-time. These benefits include cost-efficiency, higher productivity and a reduced carbon footprint.

Maybe turning your current job into a work-from-home Internet job isn't a possibility. Instead, explore the idea of starting your own business. Create your own work-from-home Internet job. Turn a hobby or passion into employment. Almost anything that you're good at can be done via the Internet. One woman whose hobby was scouring garage sales weekend after weekend turned it into a business. Her knack for spotting valuables that most people overlook encouraged her to open an online store. She now makes a healthy yearly income selling her finds all over the world. A student who made a name for herself with her handbag designs began to market them online. She quickly developed both a wholesale and retail client base. This young entrepreneur made thousands of dollars before she even graduated from high school.

If you aren't quite ready to launch your own e-business, you may still be able to find a work-from-home Internet job. Here are just a few skills that are in demand in the e-workplace:

*Data processing. Typists, transcriptionists and data entry clerks are in very high demand.

*Writing. The demand for writers has exploded in recent years. Jobs range from small articles for the Internet to ongoing, contractual work for large publishers.

*Web designing. The explosion of e-businesses has created a plethora of opportunities for professional website designers.

*Art and graphic design. Those with a penchant for art can make a living designing logos.

*Accounting and bookkeeping. Many small- and medium-sized businesses cannot afford an in-house bookkeeper. That means there are a lot of doors opening for people with these skills.

*Computer consulting and programming. Anyone with an e-business needs at least some type of computer support. One area that is growing rapidly is search engine optimization consulting. People with this skill will undoubtedly find an endless stream of work.

Your local employment agency may have leads on work-from-home Internet jobs. College job placement offices are another rich source for e-job leads. Of course, the Internet is a great place to look, as well. No doubt you have your own specific motivation for seeking out an e-job or business. Channel that motivation into finding or creating the perfect work-from-home Internet job.
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